Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 6 recap: ‘State of the Uterus’


The tensions are rising on Orange Is The New Black between C and D Block after the rat fiasco–but at least Cindy and Flaca are hosting the radio show!

Orange Is The New Black is really trying to push the season’s new characters on us. We’re not entirely sure how we feel about it, but for now, we’ll take it and run with it.

On the sixth episode of season 6, we learn a bit more about Daddy’s past, and even though we’re still not entirely invested in her, it’s interesting to see her backstory.

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As the flashbacks tell us, Daddy was once a pimp running an escort service, who by no fault of her own, got wrapped up in a murder, and then continued to work for the guy who covered it up.

In the present day, she’s been trying to woo Daya while also handling this block against block war that is brewing courtesy of Barb and Carol. Speaking of which, we finally see the present-day Barb in this episode!

After the rat/cheese fiasco, an all-out war is on the verge of breaking out, and Barb places the blame on Daddy. Now, the drug supply has been cut off sending many of the inmates into withdrawal (including Daya–insert eye roll).

While Daddy, is trying to the handle the situation, Badison, and her girls over in C Block are not happy because Hellman has stopped their drug supply as well.

Credit: Netflix

The whole war between the two blocks is a bit lost on me because I just don’t feel like I’m close enough to the new characters yet to care about their years old rivalry which has manifested itself in the present day. It’s intriguing–but, not really.

Luckily, the episode focuses on more than just the tension between the blocks. Taystee and Red are also a big part of the sixth episode, but unfortunately, things aren’t looking that great. Red accepted a plea deal which added another decade to her sentence.

She’s basically heartbroken because her Litchfield family and her real family have essentially abandoned her, and she feels lost and confused.

Taystee, while on the same boat, is gaining some celebrity along the way as she gains support from ACLU and the Black Lives Matter movement for spearheading the riot.

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By the end of the episode, both Red and Taystee are moved into Gen Pop and are now a part of the C Block.

Oh, and guess what? Sophia is back and Cindy and Flaca are Litchfield Max’s newest radio show hosts!