Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 8 recap: ‘Gordons’


Taystee and Tamika make up the bulk of this episode of Orange Is The New Black as head back in time to Storky’s.

Orange Is The New Black has spent a lot of time on the rivalry between the blocks and Carol and Barb. However, a bigger part of this season is Taystee’s impending trial and the false allegations that are holding her responsible for Piscatella’s death.

In this episode, we finally step away from the new character flashbacks and get to understand more about Tamika and Taystee’s relationship in the past.

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It turns out they both worked at a fast food place together called Storky’s, and got insanely high during a shift. Back then Taystee was the responsible one while Tamika was the one trying to live life dangerously.

That is until a man (someone Taystee knew) tried to rob the food joint, and Taystee managed to make him believe there were security cameras watching.

Instead, he asked for her shoes which he thought were Jordans but really they were just a knock-off called “Gordons”. On their walk home, Tamika is impressed with how Taystee was quick to think on her feet but asked why she didn’t call the cops.

In a very ironic moment, she responds by saying they would have been the ones to get in trouble and blamed for whatever was going on. It’s interesting how things have worked out for, especially in the present.

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With Taystee basically being the face of the riot, she is being supported by people from everywhere and the fanmail keeps on flowing in.

For a moment we think she may have found a supporter in Tamika but that changes very quickly after Taystee gives an interview and talks about how guards abuse inmates and treat them poorly. Tamika is not happy with this and ends up withholding all of Taystee’s fan mail out of retaliation.

More than ever, Orange Is The New Black is really taking a magnifying glass to the injustices and discrimination present in prison life, and the comparison between Taystee and Piper has been an excellent way to bring that to light.

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In other parts of Max, Daya is still trying to get her high and cuts a deal with Flores to smuggle in her boyfriend’s sperm in exchange for oxy.

However, she is jumped by the C Block girls and most of the stash is taken from her. The same fate is in store for Flores who is being artificially inseminated by Nicky when the C Block girls show up and give them a beating.

Will this feud ever end? And can someone please send Daya to rehab?