FX reveals why Donald Glover’s Deadpool series was shockingly dropped


After shockingly announcing their decision not to move forward with Donald Glover’s Deadpool, FX is now explaining why.

The internet was quick to express their disappointment and anger over FX’s choice to drop the animated Deadpool series. While the network has remained quiet on what factors motivated the decision, they’re finally beginning to comment.

Chief Executive Officer of FX, John Landgraf, said the choice ultimately wasn’t even theirs to make.

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At the TCA lineup, Landgraf said Marvel was the one who chose to pull the plug on Glover’s show.

The company owns the rights to the character of Deadpool, therefore they get to make all final decisions on any media involving him.

"“Marvel controls the IP and the decisions around the  IP. it was their decision not to go forward with Donald and Stephen’s version, I personally liked it.,”"

It’s interesting because FX originally said the reason behind the series not moving forward was due to “creative differences”. However, it seems like those disagreements stemmed between Marvel and Glover compared to the network.

This announcement comes as a surprise though, considering FX took a majority of the heat when Deadpool was dropped. In fact, many went as far to speculate there would be tension between Glover and his network.

Especially because a lot of fans thought there could have been a racial motivation behind the reasoning.

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If the FOX/Disney merger goes smoothly than Deadpool along with the other X-Men will be heading back to Marvel. Will the studio give Glover another shot at bringing the series to FX?

It seems possible, but it seems more likely Marvel will be focusing on integrating the mutants into the MCU continuity first.

Not to mention, Donald Glover is one of the busiest people in Hollywood. He’s working on another season of Atlanta, Disney’s The Lion King, and going on his This Is America Tour as Childish Gambino.

However, hopefully, Deadpool will be able to make his way onto the silver screen at some point or another.

Source: Deadline