Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 9 recap: ‘Break the string’


The ninth episode of Orange Is The New Black this season brings us Piper’s quest to start a kickball league while Cindy deals with stress-induced stomach ulcers.

Orange Is The New Black is really putting Cindy through the wringer (deservedly so, in our opinion) while she tries to cope with the overwhelming guilt that is eating away at her with every passing day.

In very simple words, she betrayed Taystee and now Taystee may face severe consequences as a result. Not cool–at all.

Caputo takes a drastic step in the pursuit to help Taystee out by quitting MCC before his big move. This was a bit expected because Caputo seems to be a big part of Taystee’s trial proceedings and him leaving in the middle of his and Fig’s budding relationship would have just been annoying, so we’re glad he’s sticking around.

Plus, Taystee needs all the help she can get.

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Flores and Nicky are in the hospital after being attacked during their artificial insemination debacle, and while Flores is removed from the hospital, an overdosed Barb takes her place.

An unexpected alliance (sort of?) forms between Barb and Nicky as Nicky tries to persuade Barb to go sober.

All the while Cindy is completely falling apart because of the guilt and has developed stomach ulcers as a result. She basically can’t do anything, and to make matters worse Taystee keeps telling her she’s a great friend, but she knows she’s anything but. Sigh, poor Taystee–she has no idea.

Red is also pretty much fed up with life and proceeds to get closer to Carol after she finds out her husband is dating another woman, and her family is okay with it and hiding it from her. She’s over the idea of family and is just ready to unleash hell on those who have wronged her. Not going to lie, sort of like this version of Red.

And then there’s Daya. Withdrawal-stricken, fix-craving Daya. She is now willing to go to any lengths to obtain more drugs and comes up with a plan that involves Aleida smuggling in drugs for profit.

This is a terrible idea and as much as Aleida first resists, she inevitably finds herself left with no choice, especially if she wants her kids to live with her. Something tells us she might be back in Litchfield soon.

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Orange Is The New Black really knows how to make us hate some characters over the others, and right now Daya is pushing herself to the top of that list.

But hey, at least Piper is serious about this kickball league and even though she’s had issues signing people up, she manages to make up with Ruiz who ends up helping her bring people on to the team. So, there’s that!