Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 10 recap: ‘Chocolate Chip Nookie’


Young Barb and Carol’s gruesome past is revealed in the tail-end of Orange Is The New Black season 6 — and it’s pretty awful.

Orange Is The New Black takes us back in time to visit the teenage life to young Barb and young Carol. And can we just say we love young Carol–she’s horrible, evil, yet somehow interesting enough that we want more.

We know from earlier on in the season that Barb and Carol have something to do with the murder of their younger sister, Debbie.

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But the fact that they willfully and with glee committed this murder was quite shocking. After being fed up with having to move around as a result of Debbie’s color guard training, they decide it’s better off to kill her so they can have some normalcy in their lives. Normalcy is nothing like what they got but they were able to remove an obstacle they wanted to from their lives.

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After luring their sister out under false pretenses, they lock her in the car, push the car into the lake, and let it drown as they blissfully watched their younger sister sink to her death.

And the most frightening part? It didn’t seem to bother them in the slightest.

The rivalry and friction between these two sisters heightened after coming to Max, and over the years they never took direct hits at one another but rather used their lackeys to do the work for them. Now C Block and D Block are at war, and there are no signs of peace on the horizon.

Aleida and Daya, in the meantime, have found a way to smuggle drugs in through CO Hopper, unbeknownst to him. Remember the NutriHealth containers?

Well, Aleida places the drugs at the bottom of them, and then whenever they’re thrown away, Daya picks them up during cleaning. It’s quite clever, but they’re a hop, skip, and a jump away from getting caught, and taking Hopper down with them.

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Piper is still deep in her kickball league planning and has convinced Luschek to let them play out in the open field. Which is great. except Badison continues to be annoying AF and is deadset on taking down Piper hell or high water.

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But at least we can chuckle at the storyline between Luschek and Mendoza after his boner incident. And after he comes inquiring about why she hasn’t been to class, she tells him once again that the war is brewing and he needs to stop it. In an effort to help her, he moves her into the other block with Daya.

But her problems aren’t going to go away there, because Daya is out of control, and little does Aleida know, she is aiding her addiction.