Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 11 recap: ‘Well This Took a Dark Turn’


Things are truly taking a dark turn in Orange Is The New Black as Cindy testifies against Taystee and Piper tries to avoid Badison.

Orange Is The New Black is getting darker and more emotional as each episode goes on in the sixth season. It’s an interesting parallel to season 5 where the inmates were struggling to make their conditions better, but are now stuck in this weird situation where there is no light at the end of the tunnel (well, for some of them anyway).

It’s interesting to think how some of the characters do have hope, like Piper, who is months away from release and trying to make the prison a better place in the meantime. However, as Taystee points out to her, that Piper’s frustrations with being bullied by other inmates time and time again are because of her place of privilege and how others are irked by it.

She has everything others do not, and this realization is a strong one for us as viewers and for Piper.

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Taystee has been targeted as the one to blame for a death she didn’t commit, and her best friend, another victim of the system, testified against her.

hile Piper’s world is harsh within Litchfield, Taystee tells her that out in the real world being black results in discrimination, stereotyping, and doubt for her. So she has no light at the end of the tunnel, so to speak.

But we won’t lie when we say seeing Badison try to get Piper caught with drugs is incredibly frustrating in this episode of Orange Is The New Black. Because she is threatened by Piper and her leadership of the kickball league, she is willing to do whatever she can to ensure that Piper has to stay in jail longer. If we were her, we’d want Piper gone so it doesn’t make sense why she’d want to have her around and continue to feel the way she does.

The block against block war continues to escalate as does Frieda’s paranoia. She is convinced someone is going to kill her on behalf of Carol and Barb and when one of the inmates suddenly comes into some money, she starts to suspect her. Frieda proceeds to cut herself so as to get transferred out of Florida and away from the threat.

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After finding out that Aleida was using him as a drug mule, CO Hopper decides that before Aleida, his life was pretty boring and if it will help to bring in some excitement by helping her out, then so be it. It’s a pretty ballsy move that will eventually get both of them in trouble, but let’s see what happens.

The Fantasy Inmate game is still going strong, and why it is, we have no idea. It’s a horrible, heinous atrocity and the fact that so many of the guards relish in it is sickening. Ginger, presumably to get points, puts Carol and Barb in a cell together in Ad Seg. It’s a pretty low moment for the COs to take it this far, but alas Orange Is The New Black is going there.

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Our heart breaks the moment Cindy takes the stand in this episode and testifies against Taystee. The look on Taystee’s face says it all, and it leaves a strange feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Caputo hasn’t given up yet though and tries to convince Sophia to file a lawsuit against MCC for brutal, unjust treatment during her time in the SHU. And she almost does, until evil Linda shows up with a deal she can’t refuse — $300,000 and early release.