Vice season 6, episode 16 recap: ‘Waiting to Die and Women in War’


Vice explores the death penalty in America and the debate surrounding it.

On the latest episode of Vice, the first segment was a look at the state of the death penalty in America. Recently, pharmaceutical companies that supplied the drugs used in lethal the injection cocktail have refused to allow their sale for executions.

As a result, the state of Nevada has changed to using the opioid drug fentanyl for use in lethal injection because the state only allows lethal injection as a method of the death penalty.

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Vice explored the case of one specific death row inmate who got so frustrated with the long, drawn-out process it takes to execute someone that he started actively trying to speed up his execution.

The inmate openly said he would have rather had someone just come right up and shoot him in the face than go through the tedious process.

As a result of this and a string of recently botched executions, a debate has started on the merits of bringing back the old method of the firing squad.

The argument was that the only reason lethal injection was adopted over the electric chair was simply that the former is a much more sanitized image of executing someone.

The other story was a look at the state of how women in Yemen are dealing with the ongoing conflict racking their country. While the status of women in Yemeni society was already precarious before, the war has pushed the situation even further.

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Due to the immensely crushing costs of the war on individuals, some families have actually begun selling their daughters as brides in order to try to get even a small sum of money.

Violence against women, in general, has also increased since the war began. There is also a general sense that the government of Yemen has done little to nothing in response to these issues.

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