Orange Is The New Black season 6, episode 12 recap: ‘Double Trouble’


The season 6 penultimate episode of Orange Is The New Black focuses on reviving MCC’s image while Alex makes a sacrifice for Piper.

Orange Is The New Black is heading in a fascinating direction with Linda’s storyline and trying to “fix” MCC’s image. She intends on doing so by changing the company name and recording the inmates doing activities that make it seem like they’re a thriving prison.

Ugh, does anyone actually care about the inmates in this place?

Meanwhile, it seems like Piper may be heading out of the Litchfield earlier than expected thanks to CO Hopper. After she comes clean about the heroin in her possession thanks to annoying Badison, Hopper quickly devises a plan to make sure that the drugs don’t come back to him, since he is the one smuggling them in.

The top 25 inmates get to leave on early release so he bumps Piper from number 52 to number 1. My oh my, so Piper is leaving?

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This, of course, is made possible thanks to Alex who struck a deal with Carol as long as Carol got Badison to stop trying to tack on time to Piper’s sentence.

But, Alex has basically signed her soul over to the devil and now we may never see an Orange Is The New Black Piper/Alex life outside of Litchfield because she is totally getting extra time at some point.

The block war does not seem to be slowing down in any capacity, and it’s all but decided that people are going to die, and everyone seems pretty on board with this idea. Meanwhile, Mendoza finds out about the Fantasy Inmate and gives an inspiring speech over the radio only to learn that the guard hasn’t turned on their radio yet.

Ugh. And for showing an attitude towards Alvarez she is shipped off to the SHU, along with Red who attacks Frieda while in line to see her grandkids.

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The standout moment of this episode is watching Taystee’s testimony, which really only happens because Caputo told her she can’t give up now. It’s hard to watch her try to fix her grammar and speak “properly” in order to impress the jury.

She has a perception tied to her already, and she is trying so hard to fight it and fight for her life. But will she win in the end?