House of Cards key art released ahead of final season


House of Cards key art for Season 6 shows Claire Underwood as President, much like Season 1’s art.

House of Cards is slated to return for one last season on November 2 – conveniently a mere four days before midterm elections.

The hit Netflix drama released key art which cleverly nods to the key art for Season 1 of the series, but with a slight twist. As you probably know, the show fired its star Kevin Spacey after sexual misconduct allegations surfaced. And instead of canceling the show, they’ve “replaced” his lead role with Robin Wright.

Photo Credit: Netflix

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The key art gives the nod to the replacement. The Season 1 art shows Spacey sitting in Abraham Lincoln’s chair from his memorial. The final season’s art shows Wright in the same depiction.

At the end of Season 5, Spacey’s character, Frank Underwood, resigned as President of the United States. This makes his wife and Vice President, Claire Underwood, President. The storyline lends itself to the fact that the show could make a clean break with Spacey and still move the story forward.

The final season will include only eight episodes to wrap everything up. As Spacey exits, some big-named actors will join the cast, like Diane Lane, Greg Kinnear, and Cody Fern. Cast favorites will return, like Michael Kelly, Patricia Clarkson, Constance Zimmer, Jayne Atkinson, Campbell Scott, Derek Cecil, and Boris McGiver.

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House of Cards has received 53 Emmy Award nominations and six Golden Globe nominations, including a Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama Television Series for Spacey.

The sixth and final season of House of Cards will release all eight episodes on November 2 on Netflix.

Source: Deadline