Rick and Morty: 11 things we’d like to see in new episodes

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10. Life Lessons

Despite its arbitrary silliness, fourth wall breaks, childish fart jokes, goofy names, and meta self-awareness, Rick and Morty can be pretty poignant sometimes.

In the middle of all the foolishness and pop culture references, we are sometimes taken aback by an insightful, thought-provoking comment.

We sometimes ache when faced with the shock of hearing our most painful feelings finally articulated. We feel both relief and uneasiness at having words put to a wordless struggle. Both Harmon and Roiland are people who openly struggle with mental health and neurosis and often examine issues of love, self-identity, depression, and relationships at surprising moments and in surprising depth.

Rick’s pragmatism seems like callousness, but how much of our concept of morality is just a social construct? What are the burdens of intelligence and awareness? Is ignorance really bliss?

Perhaps these questions don’t have answers, but the point is that they ask the questions.

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11. All Our Theories Proven Wrong

There are about a million fan theories out there about some of the smallest things in Rick and Morty, some that make complete sense and some that are wildly out there.

Dan Harmon himself says that he tries not to read or hear about fan theories, because if he did he’d have to change around his ideas just to mess with the person who figured it out.

Staff writer Mike McMahan even said as much on Twitter, that if he read a correct theory online, he’d immediately change it up to something completely different. So expect all your theories to be wrong – delightfully, unexpectedly, insanely wrong.

I, for one, would love to be completely surprised by the outcome of some of these mysteries.