Sharp Objects season 1, episode 6 recap: ‘Cherry’


Sharp Objects sees the town begin to unravel as secrets are revealed in “Cherry”.

This episode of Sharp Objects kicks off with Camille in the process of leaving Richard’s hotel room after spending the night there. The two have a friendly chat that ends with a kiss before Camille is out the door. But she wasn’t the only one who had an interesting night, as Alan spent the night on the pullout couch with what looks like vintage men’s magazines.

Returning to her mother’s house, Camille has one of her usual awkward chats with Adora that usually ends in one of them stalking off somewhere. But immediately after Adora leaves, Camille turns to Gayla for a hug.

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While around town, Richard sees Jackie putting flowers in the window where Natalie’s body was found. The two chat and Richard asks about Camille’s past. Jackie doesn’t reveal anything concrete but says that he is getting warmer, and not just because it’s hotter out.

He then begins looking into local hospital records under Camille’s name. Immediately after this, Richard is summoned to Adora’s pig farm where a child’s bike has been fished out of the pond. According to Adora, it was found by a worker of hers. Bob Nash is able to identify it as Ann’s and promptly breaks down in grief.

Later on, Camille finds Amma lounging by the pool at Ashley Wheeler’s house. Amma and John engage in some mildly hostile banter before Camille interrupts and talks to Ashley alone. At first, Ashley mentions nothing but the usual pleasantries, something Camille sees immediate through. Ashley hints that all wasn’t what it seemed with the girls and their subsequent conversation isn’t revealed.

Camille returns to the Crellin house angry that her mother didn’t let her know about the bike and argues again with her mother. After her daughter storms off, Adora says that Camille may have overstayed her welcome. As Camille is leaving Alan begins to talk to her, claiming her reporting is making Adora unwell and it may be a good idea if she left. He also reveals that Camille’s grandmother Joya was a real witch and would pinch Adora in her sleep and that Camille takes after her grandmother.

In response, Camille says she’ll leave as soon as she can and gives him the finger as she leaves to get into her old cheerleader friend’s car. Camille is promptly presented with a drink along with a bottle of alcohol in a paper bag.

Meanwhile, Richard goes to the hospital where Camille stayed and finds out she has a history of self-harm, but not violence against others. Afterward, he bumps into Jackie at his usual watering hole and Jackie begins hitting on him. Seeing Jackie has had a few, he asks why Camille was hurting herself. She reveals that Camille wasn’t the same after her sister died and that the girl was sickly, the specific cause of death she isn’t sure of. Richard asks if there was ever an autopsy, to which Jackie adds that Adora would never allow that.

At the party of all Camille’s former cheerleaders, some of them begin crying over their various issues. In response, Camille steps out with Becca while she has a smoke. It seems that Becca was kind to Camille during her cheerleading days as well. But the rest of the women eventually find them and it seems they hold Camille’s lack of children against her. After getting out of the house, Camille then asks why Becca was so nice to her because they were all horrible to her in high school. She says Camille was nicer than most and she knew she was mourning her sister.

Right after leaving the former cheerleaders, Camille encounters Kirk Lacey, the man who oversaw Amma’s pageant. He apologizes to Camille for “that day in the woods.” Apparently, he was one of the football players who had their way with Camille. He reveals he really regrets it and Camille sort of brushes off his apology with a joke.

While picking up her usual supplies at the liquor store, Camille bumps into Amma and her friends. Eventually, they drag her to a house party where Ashley and John Keene also show up. It doesn’t go well for John. The party is just like Wind Gap, as Camille’s presence really sticks out there, but she is made welcome. By contrast, people are openly suspicious of John Keene.

While talking to Ashley, Camille abruptly adds that she knows one of the girls took a bite out of her ear and that she kept it quiet. Ashley replies that if she really wants to know about it, she should ask her mother. Afterward, Ashley is taunted out of the party and Amma drags Camille upstairs. The two sisters wind up sharing an ecstasy tablet and they eventually leave as the drug takes over Camille’s senses.

While the sisters are sharing drugs, Vickery and Richard are sharing a bite to eat at a diner. Vickery reveals that a Mexican worker identified John Keene as the one who dropped the bike in the pond.

After making their way home, Amma and Camille talk in the front yard. Amongst her other issues, Amma makes it plain that she is not happy there. Camille explains her personal philosophy that it’s safer to be feared than loved. The two eventually wind up injuring themselves and limp up to bed, where Camille lets Amma share her bed for the night.

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Laying in her sister’s bed, Amma traces the scars on Camille, while unbeknownst to either of them, Adora is spying on them from her own room. She eventually goes back inside without making a sound.

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