Marvel’s Runaways gets a season two premiere date and a first look photo


After almost a year since its debut last fall, Hulu has officially set a return date for Marvel’s Runaways.

The success of summer hit, Cloak & Dagger, has probably garnered more enthusiasm for Marvel’s first teen driven show in the MCU. Runaways premiered to critical acclaim in its first season, with many viewers appreciating the mature story-telling. While it was criticized for some pacing issues, it seems like Marvel has finally worked out that issue within their television universe. Cloak & Dagger and Luke Cage were examples the television studio had fixed the problem.

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Runaways returns from hiding on December 21, just in time for the holiday season. Season one left off with the kids officially going on the run from their parents. Undoubtedly, the show will deal with a bunch of wealthy teenagers forced to fight for themselves. At the TCA’s the showrunners also affirmed more comic book characters would be joining the series. Fans immediately began speculating about the new additions, however, no one would reveal any secrets.

One of the most exciting new features in the show will be the underground hostel where the kids hide out. The location is important in the Runaways comics, and many fans were hoping to see it in the first season. Unfortunately, the teens didn’t actually run away until the end of the season which made it unlikely. Luckily, the creators promised the setting would be in the sophomore run.

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Finally, Hulu released a new promotional photo for the upcoming season. It doesn’t feature much other than the kids getting food. It’s probably safe to bet the teens are scrounging around Los Angeles for free food. They don’t have any money (except for Alex) and still don’t know who the mole is. Sadly, Old Lace doesn’t appear in the photo but it is probably hard to hide a dinosaur in broad daylight without scaring people.

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Source: Deadline