36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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35. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

One of the best sci-fi action movie franchises of all time is James Cameron’s Terminator. The first movie is a great horror sci-fi flick and the second is one of the best pure sci-fi action movies of all-time. While things went downhill with the third movie, the fifth is still underrated.

With that said, Josh Friedman brought the story to the small screen in 2008 with Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Obviously, the action moved to the character of Sarah Connor and started the action after Terminator 2: Judgment Day. This sci-fi TV series skipped the third movie by including more time travel (a go-to in the franchise) and moving the action to 2007.

Lena Headey (Game of Thrones) starred as Sarah Connor and sci-fi superstar Summer Glau (Firefly) came aboard as a Terminator named Cameron. Now set years after Judgment Day, Sarah Connor takes the battle directly against Skynet.

The show was great. However, what holds Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles down is the problem with a lot of popular TV shows — it ended on a cliffhanger and the network canceled it without a fitting conclusion. Also appearing on the show with great performances was Garret Dillahunt (Fear the Walking Dead) and Brian Austin Green (Beverly Hills 90210).

The ending was a huge moment and we will never be able to see what happened after that moment that John Connor was sent into the future — a future where people had no idea who he was. Despite that, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a great addition to the franchise and provided two seasons of great sci-fi TV entertainment.