Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 1 recap: What’s Your Story?


Fear The Walking Dead kicks off season four with an epic crossover!

AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead is off to an interesting start for its fourth season — for more reasons than one. Fans have been anxiously awaiting for the season to begin as it meant the crossover of Morgan’s character into this world.

The Walking Dead‘s season eight premiere had Morgan coming to the decision of being on his own which pushes him to leave Rick and the gang behind.

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Fear The Walking Dead’s season four premiere introduces a group of new characters and begins with cowboy John Dorie, played by Garrett Dillahunt. For about a year he has been on his own and has found solace in carrying conversations with himself.

However, Morgan’s introduction into Fear The Walking Dead changes John’s loneliness when he shows up one dark, gloomy night.

As fans, we are accustomed to this world and know every character has an intriguing backstory. John is no exception. He once was in love and but was then separated from her–and they both possess the same pistol. Whatever his story may be, Morgan is now a part of it.


And while Morgan is now a permanent part of Fear The Walking Dead, multiple characters from The Walking Dead made a cameo in the premiere episode. Jesus, Carol, and Rick all reach out to Morgan before he officially heads off to Texas, pleading him to come back and be with them. However, Morgan wants to be alone — and alone he shall be.

From Morgan’s perspective, he slowly makes his way towards Texas via car and foot and eventually runs into John. Although he resists the invitation, he ends up camping out with John — but with the intention to leave him behind. Of course, things don’t exactly go well in the “we’re always alone” department for Morgan who finds himself meeting even more strangers along the way.

Along the way, John and Morgan run into a group of men who try and take them hostage. Morgan tells them he is merely passing through and doesn’t mean to be a bother. Lucky for them they are saved by Althea, played by Maggie Grace. She heard the gunshot during the altercation and attempts to make a deal with the group of men.


She threatens the men with her armory of guns and rescues John and Morgan. We come to learn that Al is a journalist and in exchange for saving their lives, she wants to interview them about how they’ve survived. Morgan isn’t too keen on sharing past–as expected.

Unfortunately, Al isn’t able to ward off the group of men who are dead set on robbing her truck and exacting revenge. They engage in a faceoff trying to fight off the group and Morgan ends up getting shot in the leg. Eventually making their escape, the trio heads off once again after fighting off the men.

Signs with the number ’51’ keep popping up everywhere and Al mentions that they have been for the past few weeks but has no idea why. Morgan finally feels comfortable sharing parts of his past with Al and tells her that he came from Atlanta and Virginia. He isn’t sure why she wants to document their stories given that no platform exists to tell them.


Morgan decides to leave Al and John behind despite his injured leg. Things start to take a turn for the worse when walkers catch up to him–thankfully, John shows up in the nick of time to take out the walkers and save Morgan’s life. Can we say BFFs?

Once again the trio heads out and John shares that Al is going to help him find Laura, his lost love. As they venture out further they find a body struggling down the street. It is in that moment that Morgan and John share that they don’t kill as they go to inspect the suspecting body.

Who is this mysterious person? Alicia! And just like that worlds collide and season four truly gets started. There is so much to unpack in this episode and so many questions we have as fans.

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How did Alicia survive? And how will the dynamic of the trio fit in with her and the rest of the characters? We can’t wait to find out!

Fear The Walking Dead airs every Sunday on AMC at 9/8c!