36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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13. Timeless

Timeless has a similar storyline as Quantum Leap but is a much smarter and exciting television series — or at least it was. Despite the great acting, intriguing storylines and hugely passionate fanbase, NBC canceled the series after one season.

Fans rebelled and NBC gave in and renewed it for a second season, canceling it again after that ended. The good news is that fan dedication has convinced NBC to give Timeless a two-hour movie to conclude the series and wrap up the storylines — something many science fiction TV series never got the chance to do.

Timeless introduces fans to a mysterious organization that wants to use time travel to make changes to American history. the heroes of this sci-fi TV series are a three-person team (a history professor, soldier and engineer) that sets out to travel to various time periods to stop the changes and keep the timeline intact.

The series goes bigger than Quantum Leap, which was mostly concerned with personal stories (with a few big exceptions). In Timeless, the team deals with changes to the Hindenburg disaster, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, Benedict Arnold’s surrender, and even stop an attempt on John Kennedy’s life as a younger man.

The two seasons included 26 episodes and the two-hour movie will give fans a chance to see it all come to its logical and planned conclusion.