36 best science fiction TV series, ranked worst to first

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Image: SyFy

31. Farscape

If you want to see a sci-fi TV show that has a fanbase that is passionate enough to make sure a network doesn’t end it before its time, look no further than Farscape. The series lasted four seasons on the Sci-Fi Network but was canceled after that season — leaving fans angry that their show did not get a proper finale.

As a result of the fan anger, Sci-Fi finally relented and gave Farscape a miniseries to end of stories left open and then two of the regulars from the show joined Stargate SG-1.  So, what made fans fall in love with Farscape?

In conjunction with the Jim Henson Company, Farscape created a sci-fi show in outer space with — as you might expect from Jim Henson — puppets. The fact that Brian Henson produced the series should tell anyone that the creatures from the series were fantastically done — if you like movies like Dark Crystal.

Farscape is about a group of rebels who form a group in order to battle corrupt authorities called the Peacekeepers, all while living aboard a spacecraft called Moya. As expected by a Henson production — there was only one human character (although Aeryn Sun looked human) and the rest of the cast was spectacular looking aliens.

This was a sci-fi TV series ahead of its time and one that might have been even bigger if it aired a decade later. It is well worth the watch — and thanks to the miniseries — got a fitting conclusion to make it worth your time.