Atypical: Season 2 trailer teases some new changes for Sam


The new trailer for Atypical season two promises a lot of laughs, smiles, and tears.

Viewers are finally getting their first look at the second season of Atypical after almost a year of waiting. The family drama was a surprise summer hit for Netflix and the latest trailer promises an equally entertaining season. Of course, things won’t be smooth sailing as the Gardner family has to deal with the bombshell dropped in the first season finale.

Yes, the trailer confirms that Doug and Elsa are separated following the discovery of her affair. The opening scene from the video also shows that Casey is still very much angry at her mother for what happened. The shifting relationships are taking a toll on everyone, but most of all Sam who doesn’t seem to know the real reason behind his parents’ separation.

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He’ll have quite a bit of change to adjust to in season two based on the trailer. Not only is he confused about his home life, but he misses his sister while she’s at a different school and has to deal with the end of high school as well. His guidance counselor is worried that he isn’t thinking about his future but Sam admits to Casey that he’s just not sure about what he wants in life.

Meanwhile, Casey is finally starting school at Clayton Prep but it seems like the swath of wealthy students aren’t interested in being her friend. It’s shocking because she’s probably one of the coolest teenage characters on television over the past few years. Luckily, she still has Evan who looks like he’ll be pulling double duty this year as a supportive boyfriend to Casey and listener to Elsa.

Zahid and Paige are also in the trailer as Sam’s two remaining friends at school. It looks like his relationship with Paige is on the rocks but there’s no doubt the two figure things out by the end of the season. Zahid, on the other hand, is still a little bit weird but altogether heartwarming best friend to Sam. It’s nice to see the two hug at the end of the trailer because he is the one solid relationship Sam can rely on outside of his family for anything.

Based off of the trailer, Atypical season two is going to require a lot of tissues. There’s bound to be plenty of happy and sad tears flowing as the Gardner family tries to navigate life. Be sure to check back here after the new season premiere September 7 for our reviews.

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Source: Deadline