Hulu’s Castle Rock second season will feature new story/characters


Stephen King-inspired series Castle Rock will return next year but will be substantially different from the first season.

Craig Erwich, Senior Vice President and Head of Content at Hulu has established that, despite the current season’s success, Castle Rock will stick to its original intent as an anthology series. In other words, much like American Horror Story, The Twilight Zone or HBO’s Tales from the Crypt, Castle Rock will offer different tales of the strange and horrific. The series may have a lot of seasons ahead, because it’s one of Hulu’s most successful original series, according to CinemaBlend.

Though each season will be different, it doesn’t mean none of season one’s characters (or story elements) could return. In fact, it’s been suggested that “past seasons would intersect with current seasons in various ways,” which also reflects Stephen King’s writing style, and would certainly connect with most dedicated viewers.

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Also, according to Variety, Castle Rock led to an increase in viewership of Hulu’s other Stephen King-inspired series,11.22.63, so there’s every reason to think that Hulu’s on to something good.


The safest prediction is that Castle Rock will function like a mixed bag of horror-tinged mystery. While season one may provide this or lack that, there’s no denying the endless variables which figure into an expansive, imaginary universe.

For example, there have been hints of Pet Sematary potential in season one. Could the dead start to rise in season 2? It’s not impossible, as supernatural elements have already factored into the current season. Obviously, one can speculate endlessly on what will happen, but we know one thing: It will be kind of weird, whatever it is.

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This season has two more episodes left to wrap up the current story. Be sure to read our recaps before finishing the first season. What are your thoughts on the future of Castle Rock? Let us know in the comments!