Castle Rock: Bill Skarsgård reveals more about The Kid


Bill Skarsgård, star of upcoming Hulu original “Castle Rock,” has revealed new details about his cryptic character called “The Kid.” 

Set to premiere on July 25, 2018, with three episodes, Hulu’s Castle Rock has Stephen King fans abuzz. After all, a TV show tying several King stories together sounds interesting, even risky. Also, Skarsgård is generally accepted as the new Pennywise from It, so it has people wondering what he’ll be doing in this series. Is he supernatural? Is he human? Maybe a little bit of both? We’re no longer totally in the dark (figuratively speaking).

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While meeting with reporters at San Diego Comic-Con, Skarsgård discussed his character a bit. In preparing for the role, he said he investigated the phenomenon of solitary confinement, and how the deprivation of the senses can alter a person’s behavior.

“I wanted to make a performance where the audience goes, ‘What’s going on? What’s he thinking about?’ He’s hard to read.” He did say The Kid is an original character, but with ties to Stephen King “mythology” that are “not what you would expect.”

Like most shows, Castle Rock is intentionally mysterious before the premiere. After all, who wants to know everything before it’s officially revealed? Still, many fans will be relieved to have a little bit more revealed — much like Annie Wilkes in Stephen King’s “Misery,” when waiting for Paul Sheldon to finish his novel. While The Kid remains somewhat cloaked in mystery, there’s a sense that he’s linked to the town’s history somehow. Thankfully, we have only a few more days to learn more!

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