Disenchantment season 1, episode 2 recap: ‘For Whom the Pig Oinks’


The second episode of Disenchantment is a magical tale of hybridized elf-pig blood, walruses, sea battle and another failed wedding.

When the premiere episode the first left us, Princess Tiabeanie (Abbi Jacobson), Elfo (Nat Faxon) and Luci (Eric Andre) were perilously falling from a cliff. Why? Princess Bean would rather die than marry Prince Merkimer (Matt Berry). This is where it gets complicated on Disenchantment.

Moments before they started falling, King Zøg’s (John DiMaggio) men were fighting Ogre-like creatures, in a savage battle. A peaceful monk tried to break up the fight, calling the cliff a “plateau of peace.” It turned out he was wrong, however, when the Ogre gently picked him up and let him fall (presumably to his ultimate doom).

Now, as the men exit this battle, Princess Bean lands on them. Essentially, they’re back to square one. Back at the castle, Bean tells Bunty (Lucy Montgomery) that she doesn’t want to marry Prince Merkimer (in case that wasn’t well enough understood).

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The Hybridized Elf-Pig Blood

What would a fairy tale (like Disenchantment) be without magic? Enter the world of Sorcerio (Billy West), King Zøg’s personal alchemist/wizard, who is tasked with examining Elfo’s magical properties. Sorcerio alludes to a mysterious character named Mephismo, whose writings say elf blood is magical. King Zøg is led to believe that Elfos’ blood contains the elixir of life! Sorcerio takes Elfo from Bean and Luci, saying he just needs to pick his brain — through his nostril.

Indeed, Elfo’s blood extracted and tested on a fool named Lord Lingonberry.
Lingonberry promptly dies, however, and gets chuted down to feed a gathering of basement-dwelling pigs. It’s an unceremonious end, but we’re assured it’s the most interesting thing to happen to this character. He will be missed (by no one).

The Siren’s Song and the Ship Battle

As a plan to elude capture in marriage, Bean tells Merkimer he should go on a bachelor party barge full of mermaids. He accepts! Meanwhile, Bean learns that her father, King Zøg, wants to leech the magic out of Elfo, justifying it with the question: “Don’t you want a magic daddy?” However, Bean and crew supplement Elfo’s blood with pig blood.

Then, quite interestingly, Bean joins Merkimer on the bachelor party barge. Her plan is crazy but crazy enough to work. She has the men tied down so they won’t be enchanted by the “siren’s song.” She makes an exception, however, and chews through Merkimer’s rope so he’ll jump overboard (and presumably to his death) when lured by the mermaids. Sure enough, he eventually heeds their call, and everyone on board toasts Merkimer’s death.

However, they see what they believe is a hostile “Borc” ship in the distance. Believing they are planning a sneak attack on Dreamland, Bean and the ship initially greet them with hostility. It’s a short battle, though, as the Borcs sink their party barge. But wait! What’s this? Merkimer returns, with a fleet of walrus mermaids! He handily defeats the Borcs, but, as luck would have it, it turns out to be a risky move unto itself. The so-called “Borcs” were actually Bozaks, considered Dreamland’s biggest allies!  As Homer Simpson would say: D’oh!

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Disenchantment – The Wedding, Pt. 2

That revelation aside, the big day for Bean has finally arrived (again).

However, Merkimer gets thirsty at the wedding ceremony, and he drinks the elfo/pig blood, which magically turns him into a pig! Is Elfo’s blood magic after all? It would appear so! In any case, King Zøg finally sees reason and cancels the wedding.

However, it’s not without cost. Calling off the wedding has effectively canceled the alliance between the two families, so Bean’s dad begins fighting the king of Bentwood. As Bart Simpson would say: ¡Ay, caramba!

That’s it for this Disenchantment recap. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!