Netflix original Lost in Space season 2 reveals new characters!


Netflix series Lost in Space has at least 2 new characters!  After all, who wants to be space-stranded with no fresh faces?

This is according to, which seems to be knowledgeable about the show.  One of the new characters for Lost In Space is said to be Ava. She is said to be a “supervisor of the mechanics,” who is “firm, hardworking, and serious.” Most likely she will have minor conflicts with Don West, who season one depicted as being the mechanic.

Being a recurring character, one wonders how important she will become to the show’s progress. She may become instrumental, and not just as a mechanic.  In season one, the mechanic West was originally a selfish guy, but circumstances brought out his more heroic side.  Will this become a more prominent job requirement for him?

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Another new character is to be called Commander Jiang, the Captain of the Resolute. She is said to be “stalwart” and “unsentimental.” Given that she’s a Commander, it’s obvious that she will have a commanding role. The question is, will she be a benefit or a hindrance to the Robinsons and the other space travelers?

Interestingly, details haven’t yet emerged about who’s playing the characters. However, it’s safe to assume that many (if not all) of the first season’s actors will be returning.  Particularly interesting is how the 2 new crew will do with June, or the villainous Dr. Smith (Parker Posey) of season one.

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What about the Dudes?

So far, we’re only aware of two new female characters. Does that mean season 2 won’t have any new guys? Probably not. Production on season 2 has barely started, so details are still pretty scarce. Nevertheless, it’s reasonable to assume that new male characters will be introduced. After all, it’s a pretty vast universe out there, presumably with all sorts of space people.  If they’re true to stereotype, men are less likely to stop and ask for directions, and therefore more likely to be Lost in Space.  Either way, real “Lost in Space” season one fans have a bigger question on their mind: Will there be eels?

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