Insatiable season 1, episode 10 recap: ‘Banana Heart Banana’


The Bobs may have embraced their romance but Armstrong struggles to live a double life on Insatiable.

Insatiable episode 10 explores Armstrong attempting to live a double life after giving into Barnard and finally sharing a night of passion with him. But with Coralee sort of back in the picture, now what? Well, do we even care? Not really.

Barnard tells Armstrong to compartmentalize his issues (not sure if that’s exactly the healthiest advice, but okay), and things aren’t really easy considering Barnard is in full romance mode as he sets up a picnic for the two of them in his office. Meanwhile, Patty’s 18th birthday week has arrived, and Angie’s attempts to be a better mother are ignored by Patty who is forever condescending and rude.

Patty’s day doesn’t get any better when the principal accuses her of being the bully despite Dixie really starting it all. And once again, the ridiculous begins to pour in. Because of Dixie being disabled, the principal says she gets special privileges, but not the type you’re thinking.

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Basically, she is absolving Dixie of all fault, and this isn’t really an accurate punishment for someone that really is being awful. Patty should not have done what she did, but it doesn’t mean that Dixie shouldn’t have repercussions for her behavior.

Armstrong suggests that to make up for what Patty did to Dixie, Patty should hold a roast for her 18th birthday party. So for someone who has already been subjected to years of ridicule and torment, having a roast to continue this behavior is definitely a great idea, Bob (inserts loads of sarcasm).

It appears there is a mysterious man from Angie’s past aka Patty’s dad probably, and when Patty catches her mom looking at this man’s profile, she sends a friend request to him on her mom’s behalf. If things aren’t complicated enough, Nonnie is having relationship problems with Dee as a result of her constantly bending over backward for Patty, but Nonnie isn’t about to leave Patty’s side–even for love.

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While visiting Magnolia in rehab, Barnard comes out to her after she confesses she overheard him ratting her out about the pageant. And then comes the roast. Oh, my the Insatiable roast. Someone should actually roast this show if anything.

During the roast, the mysterious man from Angie’s past shows up and we learn that there is quite the age gap between them, enough for her to accuse him of statutory rape. It is implied that the two had an intimate relationship at some point, and he is more than likely Patty’s father given the timeline.

The encounter with Gordy motivates Angie to start over and with a clean slate. On a whim, she decides she has to get away from this town and leaves Patty behind to figure life out. K, cool. The roast goes as expected with everyone making jabs at Patty’s weight, but when Nonnie takes the mic, it turns from a roast into a realization that Patty has treated her poorly. And just like that, Patty has lost her mother and her best friend.

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And the revelations continue in the episode when Patty catches the two Bobs making out, and in anger reveals to the entire party that they are gay. Seriously, was that necessary? Of course, this opens up a new can of worms for Armstrong especially since Coralee and Brick were at the party too and heard everything.

And now Patty has lost Armstrong who, before leaving, tells her that her insides are ugly. Yikes. This episode of Insatiable ends with Patty stuffing her face with cake as she realizes that she is indeed a bully. But at least she was right about Dixie faking it?