Insatiable season 1, episode 8 recap: ‘Wieners and Losers’


Patty and Christian are on the run towards Hollywood as Insatiable tries to make sense of exactly what Patty is trying to do–because honestly, we don’t get it.

Insatiable takes Patty and Christian away from the pageant madness temporarily as the two decide to run away from it all. Not only has Patty decided to run off with this potentially unstable individual, but she makes the decision to lose her virginity to him, and is disappointed when he doesn’t respond to her saying, “I love you.” When he replied, “That was fun”, it gave us a horrible feeling in the pit of our stomach, and you could see Patty was perturbed too.

Luckily, she found a reason to get out of Dodge when Armstrong called her telling her that she was now Miss Magic Jesus again. However, Armstrong got some bad news when he learned of his father having a heart attack, which brought him and Coralee together again, and initiated some rekindling.

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They decide to embrace a radical honesty policy through which Armstrong learns that Coralee slept with their massage therapist (which was glaringly obvious in an earlier scene with him).

In an attempt to get a sponsor for Patty for the pageant, she and Armstrong decide to ask Weiner Taco. During the grand reopening, things get violent when Dixie and Patty get into a physical match which results in Patty throwing Dixie off the food truck.

And then, once again, as we’ve come to accept with Insatiable, things got super, super weird. Patty thinks she is pregnant after a positive pregnancy test (pretty sure this is all so not medically accurate) but learns that the cause for this is not that she is actually pregnant, but she has a teratoma. It was a tumor that was once her twin in utero, and Pastor Mike is convinced it’s the source of all evil that makes Patty the person she is.

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What is extremely frustrating about this piece of medical news is Armstrong stating that this is why Patty is a compulsive eater. While we’re not sure if she actually is, the series has not really clarified that one way or another and to imply she has a medical condition nonchalantly is all sorts of cringe. Seriously, why?

And before the episode’s end, the two Bobs get into a confrontation over Armstrong’s father handing over the reins to Barnard instead of Armstrong. But the fight doesn’t exactly end in the way we’d think because the two end up making out as Barnard confesses his ages-old love for Armstrong. Honestly, I have no idea what is going on.