Insatiable season 1, episode 9 recap: ‘Bad Kitty’


Patty faces the aftermath of pushing Dixie off the food truck–yet another “riveting” plot point of Insatiable.

Insatiable is reaching the end of the first season, yet there is no sign of anything improving. Yes, it is understood that the series is meant to be a satire, but seriously, this is just over-the-top offensive in every way. After the events of the previous episode, Patty is convinced that her teratoma is the reason behind her anger and rage. *Insert eyeroll*

To confirm that something demonic and sinister is at play, she gathers the group to perform a seance and use the Ouija board which convinces her that the teratoma inside of her is a demon. Shows aren’t always medically accurate, but this is really stretching it out there, isn’t it?

And while we are over here rolling our eyes and scoffing at what’s going on, Christian is falling in love with Patty’s teratoma and is borderline obsessed with it and the power he thinks it gives Patty. He doesn’t want her to remove it and prefers that she embrace it instead.

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After what she did to Dixie, Patty was not everyone’s favorite person and ended up being asked to apologize to Dixie for what happened. This is once again sending a horrible message because, in all honesty, Dixie is the one at fault but yet Patty is having to take the fall for it. In an attempt to prove that Dixie could walk, Patty pushed her out of the wheelchair but Dixie was unable to get up. Once again, Patty had eyes of judgment looking down on her for her rage.

To take the teratoma drama further, Pastor Mike suggests they do an exorcism (yup, just like the movie) of Patty to get the demon out. However Father Schwartz couldn’t make it in time and Armstrong had to do it instead, even though he, like us, did not buy into it. When the Father does eventually show up, he tells Patty that basically, she is the reason for this mess, not a demon. THANK YOU, FATHER!

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And this episode of Insatiable closes out with Armstrong finally confronting his feelings about Barnard despite being in love with Coralee. He goes over to Barnard’s to make this declaration and ends up passionately kissing him instead.

Is the season over yet?