Fall TV: The guide for all new fall shows premiering in 2018

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10/16  The Conners – 8:00 PM 

There’s no official trailer for The Conners yet but fans know what it is. Basically, it’s going to be Roseanne but without the titular character. People who watched the original will probably tune it but it’s not clear if the series has enough longevity to last.

10/16  The Kids Are Alright – 8:30 PM 

An adult version of one of the kids is narrating a sitcom about his hectic family life. Sound familiar? Probably because it’s about the same formula as The GoldbergsThe Kids Are Alright even has the manly patriarch, played by Michael Cudlitz, and the take-no-prisoners matriarch, played by Mary McCormack. Is this Fall TV show worth watching? Well ABC has enough success with family sitcoms that they probably have a pretty solid formula down now. However, there are a lot of kids to keep track of on this show and it’s possible the series runs into trouble making them all unique well-rounded characters.

10/16  The Rookie – 10:00 PM 

There was quite a bit of controversy surrounding ABC’s new police series when it was announced Melissa O’Neil would be playing Nathan Fillion’s love interest. The seventeen year age difference and the fact that they play co-workers led ABC to tone down some of the advertising for the show. It will be interesting to see if Fillion’s star power will make the series a hit or if the early disdain will drag it down. Watching the trailer, it doesn’t exactly set itself apart from the other police series on the air. On Tuesday nights it will definitely have some stiff competition to compete with so it definitely needs to stand out.