Fall TV: The guide for all new fall shows premiering in 2018

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Credit: FX


9/04 Mayans MC – 10:00 PM (FX)

After a successful debut at San Diego Comic Con, Mayans MC is one of the most talked about new Fall TV series in 2018. The show has tried hard to both distance itself from Sons of Anarchy but also tease fans about the possibility of a crossover. While it seems unlikely the show will have any significant nods to the flagship show in its first season, it should still be a hit for FX.

9/04 The Purge – 10:00 PM (USA)

USA’s capitalizing on the immense popularity of The Purge film franchise with their latest addition. The ten-episode first season is probably not for the faint-hearted, with plenty of violence promised the horror show. It’s unclear if all ten episodes will take place over the one night and how many different points of view the audience will get to see the event from. Personally, it always seemed like it would be more realistic to see people jump to robbery as the go-to crime for Purge Night rather than murder but to each their own.

9/25 Mr. Inbetween (FX) 

With Hulu picking up the Australian drama, Safe Harbour, it looks like Australia might be the hottest new country to pick up television shows from. FX’s latest Fall TV series is Mr. Inbetween, a drama from Scott Ryan. The show is inspired from Ryan’s film, The Magician, which he wrote and starred in the same as the television series. His character, Ray Shoesmith, is a hitman who navigates his typical life while succeeding in his violent career path. It’s reminiscent of HBO’s Barry and even Showtime’s Dexter, both of which were hits for their networks. Fans of violent dramas with a bit of comedic relief and a lot of intriguing characters will probably fall in love with Mr. Inbetween.