Vice season 6, episode 19 recap: ‘Trans in Texas and Nicaragua Deja Vu’


On the latest episode of Vice, the show took a look at the state of transgender youth in Texas and revolution taking place in Nicaragua.

Historically, Texas has been the place where hot-button social issues first emerge. For instance, the case that was to become Roe vs. Wade originated in Texas. The debate over transgender individuals is no exception. Being a kid is hard enough under the best of circumstances, but when a child identifies as transgender that comes with considerable implications. The most concerning of these is an extremely high rate of suicide. There is also an incredibly high risk of physical violence, particularly for transgender women of color. Vice travels down to Texas for the first part of this week’s episode.

As a result, there is an attempt to educate and train some law enforcement officials to respond accordingly.

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This episode’s other story was a look at the country of Nicaragua and how a revolution is brewing again in the small country. About 40 years ago, the country was home to a revolution that was rocking Latin America.

In 1979 the revolutionaries known as the Sandinistas overthrew the existing dictatorship and installed the revolutionary Daniel Ortega in power. Now Ortega is on the receiving end of protests, on account of the growing perception that he is becoming an autocrat. The grievances against Ortega include changing the Nicaraguan Constitution to do away with term limits and installing his own wife was Vice President.

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In response, protests began that were met with significant police resistance. The situation has resulted in significant civilian casualties. Protesting University students transformed several colleges into something resembling an armed camp while using homemade mortars to fight the Nicaraguan paramilitary forces. The military responded with a violent crackdown, and as a result, a mass of people are fleeing from Nicaragua.