Insatiable season 1, episode 11 recap: ‘Winners Win. Period.’


Patty is dealing with the misery of her mother, best friend, and mentor leaving her behind as Insatiable tries to be literal about “eating your feelings”.

Insatiable gave us a lot to think about in the penultimate episode of the first season–and not in a great way. After anyone and everyone leaves Patty behind after her disastrous birthday party, this episode opens to Patty binge eating anything in sight. She won’t leave the house, and won’t speak to anyone and while we can understand that such emotional distress may indeed serve as triggers for someone suffering from binge eating, Insatiable fails yet again to do it in a non-harmful way.

And why is it so harmful? Because it is sending across a horrible message and reaffirming the stereotypes associated with those suffering from binge eating. Instead of trying to have the audience understand how someone is truly affected by this, Insatiable is taking it way too far.

I mean, does it really serve any purpose to imply that all people suffering from this disorder are lazy and don’t have any self-control? The way Patty is seen eating makes the whole thing look disgusting and gross, and is just a horrible portrayal and offensive to those that deal with this in their daily lives.

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Discussing mental health and illnesses is important, but Insatiable is doing it in the worst way possible, and there is no semblance of satire in there anywhere. After Patty’s birthday, both Bobs are now out in the open about their relationship and invited Brick and Magnolia over for dinner to talk about it.

While Brick isn’t rattled by Armstrong’s revelation, he is more upset about how it has torn apart both families and storms out of the house. Patty seems to have some sort of epiphany in this episode and decides to apologize for all the wrongs she has committed. First stop, Nonnie.

Nonnie won’t pick up her calls, but she uses Choi to set up a run-in so Patty can speak to her. However, Nonnie is not having it because she wanted a break and should decide when she is ready to let Patty back into her life. Not even Drew Barrymore can save this dying friendship.

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There is another horrendous line of dialogue following this encounter in which Patty sees Coralee ordering a lot of food as she asks Patty to join her so she “save her from herself”. Everyone’s gotta eat, so does every reference to food have to be so demeaning?

And when Patty tells Coralee about how she lost weight and got a boyfriend and still isn’t happy, the show still doesn’t take the opportunity to shift the conversation in a positive way. Rather, Coralee suggests that Patty goes to a “weight loss expert” aka Brick.

And then begins yet another horrible, dangerous aspect of the episode in which Brick helps Patty lose weight by wearing plastic bags as they jog. And while many athletes are known to do this, prefacing it with “sweating and starving” isn’t really the smartest way to go.

While out on one of their runs, Patty spots Christian’s car which confirms that he has been stalking her as she thought. He is really bordering on stalker territory and it’s not clear as to why something isn’t being done about it.

Armstrong and Barnard go for a night out at the club to get Armstrong more comfortable with his new life. As expected he is totally thrown off, but upon returning home they find Roxy is there crying and decide to be her pageant coaches.

When Patty goes to apologize to Armstrong, he tells her that not only does he want nothing to do with her, but he has found someone else to coach–aka Roxy, her archnemesis. In order to prevent her from taking part in the Regionals, Patty tries to kidnap Roxy in the Weiner Taco truck. Unfortunately, this is all going down on the same night as the Drew Barrymore signing to which Nonnie showed up to after all.

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Unfortunately, Patty doesn’t make it to the signing because as she tries to taze Roxy, she is knocked unconscious by someone shooting her with a tranquilizer. And now, onto the Insatiable finale–do we even want to know how this will all end?

Oh, and did we mention Coralee and the Bobs all made out? Yah, don’t get us started.