Lost in Space: Ajay Friese & Sibongile Mlambo to be series regulars


With Lost in Space season 2 in development, fans may be interested to learn that Ajay Friese and Sibongile Mlamboto will gain prominence.

In season one of the Netflix series, Lost In Space, the character of Vijay Dhar was a relatively minor character, albeit still impactful. However, most of the focus was on his burgeoning relationship with Penny Robinson (Mina Sundwall). Now that he’s a show regular, according to Deadline,
it’s likely that his role is expanding, and he may be a bigger player in the plot. Does this mean he’s patched things up better with Penny, or have the two moved on?

Another possible angle, of course, is one of classic unrequited love. As the Robinsons enter a different galaxy in Lost in Space season 2, it’s apparent that Vijay will have plenty of screen time. Will he somehow be instrumental in the Robinson’s fate?

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Because he’s the son of Victor Dhar (Raza Jaffrey), a headstrong politician, one might ask if he’ll take after his father and try to command. Does the apple fall far from the tree? Or might it fall away from the tree, and will he become a rebellious figure of some sort? Either way, for Ajay to become a main cast member suggests that his character resonates with the audience), and the show’s writers are capable of creating a more nuanced character out of Vijay.

In similar news, DigitalSpy says Sibongile Mlamboto’s character, Angela Goddard, will be a series regular in Lost in Space season 2. Though she was pretty prominent for a recurring character, Angela definitely has potential as a bigger mover and shaker for the series. What do we know about Angela Goddard?

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After having her PTSD triggered by “Dr. Smith,” Angela shot at the robot that invaded their ship and killed her husband, inspiring the robot to rampage.   Will Robinson (Maxwell Jenkins) stepped in to stop it, instructing it to walk off a cliff. In other words, Angela played a significant role already, but now it will surely be expanded.

Not much is known about the second season’s trajectory, but we can guess that everybody’s still kind of lost…in space.

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