Mr. Robot canceled: What you need to know about the final season


USA Network has made it official: They are canceling the critical hit Mr. Robot after its fourth season.

While that is bad news for fans of the acclaimed hacker cyber series, it isn’t all bad. See, creator Sam Esmail had an idea for how and when the story should end and this is his chance to bring it to an ending through the complete fourth season.

This also isn’t new news, although one star might find it a bit surprising.

In an interview with Collider earlier in August, Christian Slater (who plays Mr. Robot) said that the fourth season should be the end of the series.

However, after hearing that, star Rami Malek (who plays master hacker ) told Collider that he hadn’t heard about it ending this season and said that there is a lot of story st5ill to tell for one season.

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With that said, Slater was right and Malek will have to watch his character’s journey end in Mr. Robot season 4.

For fans who have not watched the series, Elliott is a hacker whose father died when he was younger. He also has a split personality, which appears to him as the form of his father and goes by the name Mr. Robot.

As the series wore on, it turned out Elliott was responsible for a hack that started a revolution — but it was while controlled by his second personality.

There has been controversy lately surrounding canceled shows. Lucifer was canceled with more story to tell and Netflix picked it up to continue it. However, with Mr. Robot, this was a decision that Esmail made, believing it was time to end his story in the fourth season.

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Cinema Blend reported that Esmail also made it clear that even fan campaigns won’t force the network to stretch out the series because he plans on giving it complete closure in the series finale.

The fourth and final season of Mr. Robot will air on the USA Network in 2019.