9 must-watch Netflix originals coming in September

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Atypical / Image by Netflix

Atypical: Season 2 – September 7

Atypical is a dramedy about a teenage boy on the autism spectrum, his journey of self-discovery as he comes of age, and how his condition affects his relationships with his family and friends.

While it is nice to see the autistic community being represented in media, Atypical season 1 definitely had its drawbacks and critics. One major complaint was that while the show was portraying a person on the spectrum, there was almost no real-life representation behind the scenes.

Another complaint was that as much as the show did to challenge clichés and stereotypes, it also did a lot to perpetuate some misconceptions.

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Many also felt that the comedic aspect of the show was too much at the main character’s expense.

At its heart, though, Atypical is a show that means well and perhaps season 2 will take the opportunity to correct some of its missteps.

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Iron Fist: Season 2 – September 7

The last we saw of crybaby Danny Rand, he had teamed up with the rest of Marvel’s Defenders to save New York City from the mysterious and deadly Hand.

Matthew Murdock is missing in action, Misty Knight lost an arm, and Rand took to the rooftops to protect the city. He later appeared briefly in season 2 of Luke Cage, which showed promise for the future of Iron Fist.

Season 1 was not exactly the most well-received series in the Marvel universe, but with a new showrunner (Raven Metzner) and a new fight coordinator (Clayton Barber) in place, things are looking hopeful for season 2.

Finn Jones will be returning as Danny Rand (despite an early rumor that Marvel might make the bold move to continue the series without him) along with Jessica Henwick as Colleen Wing and newcomer Alive Eve as the classic villain Typhoid Mary.

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The trailer definitely makes it look darker, more edgy, and closer to the street, which does a lot to improve the tone and gives Danny a bit more gravitas.