Official Iron Fist season two trailer teases an epic showdown


The latest trailer for the second season of Iron Fist dropped but it teases a showdown between brothers.

While Danny Rand’s Marvel series was a big swing and a miss last year, the second season already looks like a vast improvement. The new Iron Fist trailer features an exciting new villain, plenty of impressive fight choreography, and a possibility of another Daughters of the Dragon team up. Right from the get-go, this new look at the series should inspire many viewers to give it a second chance.

It looks like the show picks up with Danny fighting on the streets to keep the peace. He still carries Matt’s death on his conscious and hopes to protect the city his friend lived. Luckily, he has Colleen fighting along his side and reminding him not to push himself too far. Their relationship seems strong, and Iron Fist fans can probably be confident that the couple will make it through the season.

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However, they’ll have one major hurdle to overcome in the form of Davos. He’s back for vengeance in the trailer and intent on bringing down Danny no matter what. He still sees his former friend as “unfit” to hold the mantle of the Iron Fist. He won’t be easy to bring down because Davos is embracing the villainous role as the Steel Serpent.

He’s also working with Joy Meachum, which will probably bring some personal complications into Danny’s life. While Ward seems to be helping his sister escape an explosion, it will be interesting to see where his loyalty lies. By the end of season one, it seemed like he would back Danny up to a certain degree. Meanwhile, Joy appears like she might be training a new generation of warriors to support her new alliance with Davos.

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The trailer only gives a quick glimpse of Alice Eve as Typhoid Mary and it’s definitely not clear whose side she’ll be on. While she slams Danny into a wall definitely makes it seem like she’ll be fighting him. But, there aren’t any shots with Davos which could make them allied by a common enemy.

Finally, the most exciting part of the new scenes is seeing Misty reunited with both Danny and Colleen. While there are plenty of fans hoping for the canonical pairing between her and Danny, it’s still nice to see the show explore a relationship even if it’s platonic. Of course, the short snippet of them in the full trailer already has us hoping for an official Daughters of the Dragon mini-series.

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Source: Deadline