Sharp Objects season finale draws in big audience


The season finale of Sharp Objects was a ratings hit, drawing in well over 2 million views for the finale alone.

These numbers put the show’s finale as the highest watched episode of Sharp Objects, which is even before the viewings on digital platforms are included. Which is common for an HBO series.

Sharp Objects didn’t spoon feed clues and other important details to the viewer. Instead, it made the viewer want to keep watching on their own terms. The show did this in many ways, but one of them is particularly unusual.

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As the show went on, it was hard not to notice that most of the women in Wind Gap (the majority of the characters) always spoke very quietly and subtly. You had to really pay attention to what was said (and make sure the volume was turned up), otherwise you would not understand what was going on. The only woman in Wind Gap who really didn’t do this is Jackie.

This is all deliberate and part of the way the show builds a mood because no character speaks more in a whisper than Adora. Why does this happen? Because the show tells a story about the subtle ways people (women in particular) express and deals with violence. When you compare this to the way the male characters speak, it shows the difference, as the men are always very easy to understand.

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While Camille is not her mother, she also whispers about her past; she just does it by scarring her body and hiding it from others.

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Source: TV By The Numbers