Ozark season 2, episode 1 premiere recap: ‘Reparations’


The Byrdes are struggling to return to normal in the season 2 premiere of Ozark–but is normal even possible anymore?

Ozark dove right back into the drama of the Byrdes’ life with Marty (Jason Bateman) under the disillusioned sentiment that things can ever go back to normal. After the rollercoaster first season, the Byrdes are trying to put their lives back together but it’s proving to be rather difficult, to say the least.

To make matters worse, the Mexican cartel is searching for one of their VIPs named Del who, *spoiler alert*, was shot in the head by the relentless Darlene Snell in the season 1 finale. But this isn’t stopping Marty from operating with full steam ahead with one of his outlandish plans. What plan is this you ask? To bring together the Mexican cartel and the drug crowd of Missouri to launder money through a casino.

He hopes this will keep everyone content but really Marty, do you think this is the smartest idea? The whole process will take about 6 months and give the Byrdes 3 percent in profits by the end of it. Basically, this will give them the opportunity to run the business from anywhere in the world and things will just be peachy and wonderful–at least that’s what Marty hopes.

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However, as expected, there are some complications to this seemingly perfect plan. Most importantly, they need the money to pull this off. Basically, she uses her skills to take advantage of the corruption with the Ozarks via a lobbyist that resides in a place known as the Lake House.

Through all of this, we met a new character named Helen Pearce played by Janet McTeer who presents as a rather dangerous character for the season. She’s not buying into what Byrde and Snell are trying to pull, especially with them trying to redirect Del’s death by using Ash but goes along with it anyway.

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Pearce is multiple steps ahead of them and goes to Chicago to confirm their Del story and confirms what she already believes to be true–they are lying. After learning of their deception, she gives them about an hour of time to set things straight. Marty’s plan? To convene with the Snells and offer $5 million for Del’s death.

Jacob momentarily seems to consider it but then shoots Ash (one of his own men) and considers this a trade-off since they killed Del. But does that really equate to the same thing? We’re not sure about that but no one really agreed to this deal in the first place so we’re pretty sure the Mexicans will still demand retribution.

And amidst all this drama, there is Ruth who is dealing with her father, Cade, being released from prison. She testified at his parole in his defense and then paid one of the works at Lickety Splitz to sleep with him to keep him distracted. But Cade knows what Ruth did and she ends up admitting it anyway. This begs the question, how will he use this information to torture Ruth?

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And then there’s the money that Rachel stole last season from the walls of the resort and also the $10,000 that Charlotte took as well. With Marty and Wendy off to account for what was taken, it’s going to be quite the interesting shocker for Ozark season 2.