Sneaky Pete casts Efrat Dor in recurring role for season three


Efrat Dor has joined the cast of Sneaky Pete season three in a recurring role.

Amazon’s Sneaky Pete, created by Bryan Cranston and David Shore, is gearing up for its third season and has cast Efrat Dor (The Zookeeper’s Wife) in a recurring role alongside Giovanni Ribisi’s title character. Dor will play skillful con woman Lizzie, an amoral and nihilistic criminal who lives for today because life has no meaning. It sounds likely that Lizzie will be both an ally and an adversary for Ribisi’s Pete/Marius, an untrustworthy partner and wily opponent.

The show works best when Marius has a clever opponent against whom he can play his chess-like long cons. Marius is a genius at playing the angles and thinking at least three moves ahead. Often times when you think he’s been played and betrayed, the attempted betrayal was factored into his planning all along and is actually part of what makes the plan work. Lizzie could be the perfect engine for the best action.

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At the end of season two, Marius had successfully seen the real Pete off with his mother, securing his place in the family as Cousin Pete. However, Pete’s cousin Julia (Marin Ireland) had started to do some digging into Marius’ true identity and was on the verge of discovering his deception. Whether she learns his identity or not, and then keeps his secret or not, chances are there will be plenty of drama within the family without Lizzie’s interference.

While everyone was relatively safe and happy after a stressful two seasons, chances are that peace won’t last long. There are still plenty of plots to tie up and mysteries to unravel, including what really happened to the late Bowmans.

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Efrat Dor has most notably appeared in The Zookeeper’s Wife as Magda Gross alongside Jessica Chastain and Daniel Bruhl and can next be seen in the film Holy Lands as Annabelle opposite Rosanna Arquette, Tom Hollander, James Caan, and Jonathan Rhys Meyers.

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Source: Deadline