Better Call Saul: Bob Odenkirk not convinced by fan theory


Bob Odenkirk of Better Call Saul isn’t convinced over the validity of one particular fan theory–what are your thoughts?

Better Call Saul is well into its fourth season and as is the case for many shows, the fan theories are in full swing. According to Cinema Blend, Bob Odenkirk isn’t exactly on board with one of the theories that have surfaced since the season started.

Odenkirk and his portrayal of Jimmy have such stark differences between them and while fans are still trying to figure out the enigma that is Jimmy, Odenkirk has no problem sharing his opinions.

A recent theory that has come to light involves the letter that Kim hands Jimmy after Chuck’s death. Many fans believe this letter was written by Kim, and not Chuck, but Odenkirk strongly disagrees.

"“Yeah, that’s crazy. I don’t believe that for a second. I don’t think Kim wrote the letter. I think that’s what Chuck wrote a few years before, and it’s just pro forma bullshit that Chuck was spouting to the world. . . . [Just before Chuck died], he said to Jimmy, ‘You mean nothing to me.’ [So Chuck’s letter is] a weird ‘F*** you’ to Jimmy, just to drive him crazier and make Chuck look to the world like the benevolent brother."

For those who may not recall, Jimmy’s brother Chuck passed away and he left behind $5,000 for him along with a letter. This letter is the source of the recent fan theory that has people wondering if Chuck was really the one who wrote it. In that scene, Jimmy wasn’t really rattled by what Kim had to say and had a minimal emotional response to the letter, while Kim was a hot emotional mess.

Odenkirk doesn’t agree with this theory because he feels that the showrunners wouldn’t go to such lengths to trick the audience. And while it would make sense that Kim would want Jimmy to have some sort of breakdown over his brother’s death, Odenkirk doesn’t think it makes sense for anyone but Chuck to have written the letter, especially given their turbulent relationship.

If the letter was indeed written by Chuck, it would mean that he wrote it at least a year prior to all the events that transpired right before his death. It is curious, however, that he did not update it given everything that had happened.

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Although Odenkirk isn’t on board with this particular theory, he is certainly into some other ones regarding Better Call Saul. Looks like there’s no convincing him that Kim could be the author behind the letter–but what are your thoughts?

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