Better Call Saul season 4, episode 4 recap: ‘Talk’


This week Better Call Saul pushes each character towards their inevitable downfall as Jimmy bides time at his new job and Mike releases his inner frustrations.

Better Call Saul did something interesting this week’s episode which wasn’t expected. Fans are mostly paying attention to Jimmy and keeping a close eye on his every move that brings him closer to becoming Saul Goodman.

However, we’ve forgotten in the process that the other characters that we eventually come to see in Breaking Bad all had their journeys too, including Mike and Nacho. This week even Kim pushes the boundaries a little, and it’s all so very intriguing to realize Jimmy isn’t the only one changing.

We know down the road what will become of Mike and Saul, but we’re curious to know about Nacho and Kim too. But this episode is a testament to the fact they are broken, shattered, and lost too which makes the journey ahead of them something to look out for.

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This week’s episode of Better Call Saul gave us a flashback to when Mike’s son was young and alive, and then immediately flashes back to the present where Mike has never looked more alone and miserable while sitting at a group therapy session. A very grumpy side of Mike came out in this episode as he accused one of the group members of lying about having a wife, and was irritated when the man spoke up after Mike’s daughter-in-law spoke about his son.

His agitation began when Stacey spoke about his son Matt and how she is starting to think less and less of him as time goes by. The look on Mike’s face is hard to read and whether or not he is happy with his daughter-in-law moving on is yet to be understood.

By the end of the episode, we see Mike inch even closer to the dangerous world of Gus Fring when Mike goes to meet him after being called upon for a meeting. Gus wants to know if he was involved in Nacho’s attempt to assassinate Hector Salamanca, and has a job for him that was not disclosed.

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Speaking of the Salamancas, there was quite the brutal scene in this week’s episode when the brothers and Nacho head to a drug cartel ring whom Gus decided to frame for Nacho’s attempted assassination. The brothers go into the area in broad daylight and murder dozens of people on the spot and leave a bloody nightmare in their wake. Basically, this was Gus’ plan all along to take over this particular territory.

Meanwhile, there seems to be a rift between Jimmy and Jim that has slowly begun manifesting, and it’s no surprise considering Jimmy has begun spinning a web of lies, sort of. She spent the episode hanging around a courtroom, and even when the judge called her out for it, she continued to sit in because even she has become helpless and damaged in all of this.

Jimmy seems to be blowing off job offers left and right, but finally takes one after rejecting it as a shift supervisor at a cell phone store. And the only reason he seems to take this job is that Kim asks him to see a therapist. So Jimmy would rather go to work than talk about what is really going on.

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We’re interested to see what happens next week given the shenanigans Jimmy just pulled off at his new workplace, the meeting Mike had with Gus, and the emotional moment shared between Nacho and his father. It’s all getting so complicated which can only mean one thing–Saul Goodman is almost here.

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