Better Call Saul season 4, episode 5 recap: ‘Quite A Ride’


Better Call Saul gave us an exciting glimpse back at Breaking Bad on this week’s episode–and it was amazing.

Better Call Saul is very clearly inching closer and closer to the rise of Saul Goodman, and this week’s episode reminded us that the series is not messing around.

Breaking Bad fans were sure to pick up on the opening moments of this week’s episode that took us back to the final moments of Saul Goodman in Breaking Bad as he and Francesca anxiously shred all the evidence they have.

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It was the perfect start to an episode that all but pushes Jimmy right into Saul Goodman territory once and for all. So, just in case fans forgot what that might look like, the beginning of the episode was a clear reminder–and we are pretty ecstatic about it (even though it means a drastic, saddening goodbye to the man Jimmy was).

This episode did a phenomenal job of displaying essentially the end and beginning of Saul within just one hour. We’re all very familiar with how things came to a head, but seeing Jimmy sell the “Pay as you Go” cellphones late at night was definitely his first major step into Saul Goodman territory. And while it doesn’t exactly end well for him after being mugged, we have a feeling it’s just getting started.

Credit: AMC

One curious moment that stands out in the scene between Saul and Francesca is when he hands her a card with contact information on it and tells her to tell the person that Jimmy sent her. Is it possible that the card has Kim’s contact information? It very well could be, but seeing as how Francesca knows who Kim is, it’s very hard to know for sure.

It was very exciting and thrilling to see Jimmy’s inner Saul pushing out because it’s what fans have been waiting for and anticipating. Four seasons later it’s finally happening and it’s every bit satisfying as we would have imagined. Jimmy uses the cellphones from the store he was working at and marks them up in price and pitches the idea that they provide privacy.

There are definitely hints of tension between Kim and Jimmy’s relationship and with each passing episode, it becomes evident they are drifting apart. Jimmy is falling deeper and deeper into his new lifestyle and shows no signs of stopping (case in point: his scene with Howard, throwing away the therapist’s number, and stating he will become a lawyer again). Meanwhile, Kim is struggling at work and the repercussions may not be ideal.

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All in all, things are getting very complicated and it’s all leading down one path–the transformation of Jimmy to Saul, no matter what.

Better Call Saul airs every Monday on AMC at 9 PM EST!