The 15 most powerful Marvel Netflix characters, ranked weakest to strongest

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Defenders and The Hand / Image by Netflix

14. The Hand

The Hand has had their hands in everything in the Marvel Netflix world from the start. It was clear in Daredevil thanks to Stick and Elektra — as well as their partnership with Wilson Fisk.

They were the main bad guys in The Defenders, and the fact that it took Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage and Iron Fist all working together to beat them speaks wonders.

This is not an organization like Hydra — which gained power by taking over the government — but they are just as strong as a secret organization that instead ruled over the underworld.

The Hand might rank higher, but they choose to remain hidden most of the time, and when they did show their faces, they were beaten down by Daredevil, Iron Fist and The Defenders.

However, if they ever decide to step out of the shadows, the entire MCU should beware of what they are capable of.

Photo Credit: Patrick Harbron/Netflix

13. Colleen Wing

Colleen Wing was an interesting character when she appeared in the first season of Iron Fist. She was clearly a strong fighter and matched up well with Danny Rand himself.

However, when Wing proved to be a villain — and part of The Hand — that is when her full power was revealed. It is always tough to find someone who betrays the hero’s trust, but when that person also betrays the audience’s trust as well, they become a very powerful antagonist.

Luckily for Iron Fist, Wing had a moral compass and chose to move to the side of good. With Wing a trained fighter by The Hand, she became a strong ally for Rand and helped him — and The Defenders — destroy The Hand’s base of operations.

While the full extent of her strength is unknown, it is not hard to believe that she could go toe-to-toe with even Jessica Jones if the need arose.