Iron Fist set photos reveal a potential spoiler for Colleen Wing


New photos from the set of Marvel’s Iron Fist tease a big change for Colleen Wing.

Iron Fist season one was a bit of a mixed bag but the show seems prepared to win over new fans. With a new showrunner at the helm, the upcoming season is already shaping up to be a hit. However, the latest set photos promise an interesting new direction for Jessica Henwick’s Colleen.

A Twitter account managed to capture some of the new stills which show Colleen sporting a new tattoo. Fans were quick to notice it bears a striking similarity to Danny’s dragon tattoo on his chest.

So what does this mean for Iron Fist? Comic book readers know that Colleen eventually gains Danny’s knowledge from K’un Lun which allows her to utilize her chi. However, this process happens after Danny melds their minds in order to save her from brainwashing.

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Yet, it’s unlikely the series will have a villain who can brainwash Colleen for this exact storyline. It’s more probably for Danny to simply train Colleen so she can wield the same powers. This would certainly make the duo more formidable facing against any new enemies.

Not to mention, Colleen was easily the fan-favorite character from Iron Fist and she deserves some cool powers. It would also make Colleen and Misty a similar pairing to Danny and Luke, combining the mystical with brute strength.

Iron Fist is in an interesting position for season two because Danny’s archnemesis, The Hand, has been defeated. Yet, he’s still dealing with the loss of Matt Murdock and his new responsibility of protecting Hell’s Kitchen. Previous set photos have teased Alice Eve’s character but it’s unclear if she’ll be a friend or foe.

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These are the first photos to feature Colleen front and center, but her relaxed look makes it seem like she’ll be adapting to vigilante life well. Now that Bakuto has finally been dealt with, it’ll be nice to see Colleen back in her dojo. Undoubtedly though, she’ll also need to help Danny in his pursuit of keeping the city safe.

Will you be tuning in for Iron Fist season two? Do you think Colleen is going to get powers? Tell us in the comments below!