The 15 most powerful Marvel Netflix characters, ranked weakest to strongest

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Jessica Jones’ Patsy Walker / Image by Netflix

12. Patsy Walker

Patsy Walker made her Marvel Netflix debut under the name Trish Walker — the adopted sister and best friend of Jessica Jones. The name Patsy came from her past as a child actor.

Marvel Comics fans know the name Patsy Walker because that is the superhero known as Hellcat — one of the key members of The Defenders in the books.

For the first two seasons of Jessica Jones, Walker was a radio host who started a crusade against evil — and ended up alienating Jessica when Patsy took vengeance into her own hands by killing their mother after she had surrendered to Jessica.

However, there was a twist at the end of that season.

Patsy, thanks to experiments by Doctor Malus, got her own superpowers, which included superhuman reflexes and balance — meaning that she finally became Hellcat in the Marvel Netflix world.

Daredevil’s Elektra / Image by Netflix

11. Elektra

Elektra has had an interesting journey in the world of the Marvel movies and TV shows. She was in the underrated Daredevil movie and then starred in her own big screen film — one of the biggest flops in comic book movie history.

In the second season of Daredevil, it was time to reintroduce her to the Marvel Netflix world and she arrived as a part of the storyline with The Hand.

Elektra is extremely powerful — an almost unstoppable fighting machine that was trained by Stick to battle The Hand and then — after her death — was resurrected to be a warrior for The Hand in The Defenders.

In The Defenders, the resurrected Elektra proved that she could battle toe-to-toe with all four members of the team and stand on her own. The fact that she has yet to come out on top — as a hero or a villain — keeps her a little lower on this ranking.