Jessica Jones set video teases Hellcat for season three


A new set video from Jessica Jones teases an appearance by Hellcat for next season.

It looks like Trish’s final scene in the second season was meant to confirm her newfound powers. A video from Daily Mail shows Rachael Taylor doing a few different stunt sequences, presumably as the hero Hellcat. The series has been teasing a possible Hellcat origin story since season one, and it looks like Jessica Jones will finally be pursuing that storyline.

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Trish’s arc in season two was met with a lot of criticism by fans. Some loved the darker personality the show introduced while other’s found the character transition grating. Nevertheless, her actions did end with Trish finally getting superpowers. It’s reminiscent of Jessica’s own origin story when she got her powers after losing her entire family. Trish lost Jessica, her career, and her boyfriend but will get the chance to start over to be the hero she always wanted to be.

However, new set photos make it seem like Jessica Jones doesn’t plan to keep the sisters apart for too long. While they ended last season on pretty terrible terms, they’re still family. A user on Reddit shared some photos of Krysten Ritter directing Rachael Taylor for the third season. It’s unclear whether both Jessica and Trish will be in those scenes, but it’s exciting to see the two of them together.

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Jessica Jones season three just started production and the series will be skipping SDCC this year. Unfortunately, this means not a lot of information is known about what the new season will be about. Yet, it does seem the show will be keeping Trish as a central character despite mixed fan reaction. She will undoubtedly be on the path to redemption this season as New York’s newest hero. Whatever problem she has to face will inevitably put her in Jessica’s path, or vice versa.

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