The 15 most powerful Marvel Netflix characters, ranked weakest to strongest

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10. Punisher

If Elektra is an almost unstoppable fighting machine, then Frank Castle — The Punisher — is unstoppable. He is a killing machine that will stop at nothing to eliminate evil from the world.

Just like in the movies and comic books that preceded his appearance in the Marvel Netflix world, Frank Castle became an unstoppable warrior of vengeance due to the death of his family.

He first appeared in Daredevil and quickly overpowered Matt Murdoch to prove a point. He was so popular in the second season of that show that he got his own series and was a pure Angel of Death through that entire series as well.

The fact that he beat Daredevil, proves that he could probably go head-to-head with any of the other street-level Marvel Netflix heroes as well. He likely would not kill them, though, so that limits his power levels comparatively, but if you are a villain, he won’t even think twice.

Marvel’s Luke Cage / Image by Netflix

9. Misty Knight

Misty Knight was just a cop when she made her appearance in Luke Cage and she was already tough as nails at that point. She knew how to use a gun and she could take care of herself in the face of danger.

If anyone got in her way or tried to hurt her, they usually ended up flat on their back and she has no problem with hunting bad guys and taking them down as well.

However, Misty got a major power upgrade at the end of The Defenders. Her fearless attitude cost her and she lost her arm in the process. Thanks to her friend Danny Rand, and his huge corporation, that was fixed quickly.

Rand got Misty a new prosthetic arm and it wasn’t just any prosthetic arm — but one that could knock out a bad guy in one punch and crush steel in her grip.

That changed Misty Knight from a super cop in the Marvel Netflix world into a superhero on the streets of Harlem.