The 15 most powerful Marvel Netflix characters, ranked weakest to strongest

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Iron Fist / Image by Netflix

2. Iron Fist

There are some people who might put Iron Fist in the number one spot as the most powerful character in the Marvel Netflix universe. There is a good reason for that as he does have the power of the Iron Fist.

Danny Rand was already a powerful martial artist before he defeated Shou-Lao the Undying. After that, Rand became the Immortal Iron Fist and has the power of chi inside of him.

This allows him to build up the energy in his fist and that makes him powerful enough to bring down an entire building or take down anyone with one punch.

Unlike Daredevil, who has enhanced senses, Jessica Jones, who is just really strong, or Luke Cage, who is invincible, Iron Fist has an actual supernatural power — something very different in the Marvel Netflix universe.

With the chi and the Iron Fist, Danny Rand can beat anyone who steps in front of him.

Photo Credit: Netflix

1. Luke Cage

Is Luke Cage more powerful than Iron Fist?  That is debatable. However, with the invincible durability of his skin, Cage is someone that can’t really fall in defeat to anyone.

Plus, it is a good thing that Luke Cage and Iron Fist are friends, so he doesn’t have to worry about getting punched with that Iron Fist.

When it comes to battling people with no superpowers, which is who he protects most of the people in Harlem from, he is unbeatable. Bullets bounce off his skin. He can knock anyone out with a punch.

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Nothing can hurt him thanks to scientific experiments done on him while he was in prison.

When Luke Cage starts to battle other people with enhanced powers like a Bushmaster he has some weaknesses, but he is arguably the strongest characters in the entire Marvel Netflix universe.