Iron Fist season two was influenced by Moon Knight


Marvel fans almost got their hopes up about seeing Moon Knight after a tweet from the Iron Fist showrunner.

Rumors of Moon Knight joining the Marvel/Netflix universe have been around since the series launched. Many have considered him the perfect fit for the darker tone on the streaming service but it seems like there might actually be some truth to the speculation. M. Raven Metzner, the showrunner of Iron Fist, answered a fan’s tweet talking about the beloved character.

In the tweet, Metzner confirmed Moon Knight came up often in the writer’s room. Scoring the iconic character for season two of Iron Fist would certainly have won back any skeptical viewers after the first season. He said they spoke about the hero often with Typhoid Mary, which would have made an interesting pair in the series.

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It would also be in line with the other Marvel/Netflix shows where they like to introduce characters and then spin them off. Jessica Jones introduced Luke Cage, Luke Cage brought in Nightshade, and Daredevil notoriously launched The Punisher. Marc Spector could have easily appeared in Iron Fist as a normal guy and have this serve as an origin.

However, if the choice was between Typhoid Mary and Moon Knight, perhaps the writing staff felt like the former was better suited for this season. Everyone wants to see both characters do well which means it might have been impossible to have both this year. Not to mention Alice Eve already looks awesome as the notorious Daredevil villain.

Unfortunately, in a follow-up tweet from Metzner, it was confirmed they only had Moon Knight influence the second season and Typhoid Mary.

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The news that Marvel would even think about Moon Knight hopefully means they are thinking about bringing him in on some capacity. Netflix has refused to confirm or deny if they’re considering any more spin-offs for their universe. With the Disney streaming service looming, it’s possible he could get a solo series there. Nonetheless, the darker tone of this show would certainly fit on Netflix better.

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Source: Cinemablend