Atypical season 2, episode 5 recap: ‘The Egg is Pipping’


Elsa learns the harsh truth about her failing marriage as Casey faces relationship problems and Sam deals with bullies on this episode of Atypical.

Atypical takes us back to 2004 with this episode when Doug and Elsa first learned about Sam’s autism diagnosis. Doug was pretty flustered over the news but Elsa seemed to dive headfirst into it all coming with a list of possible therapies they could take Sam to.

It becomes apparent what makes the two so different and what may have ultimately led Elsa to cheat on him in the first place. Despite everything that has happened, Elsa just wants to move back in and be with her family. And after Doug’s panic attack, she finds it more necessary than before.

With some cajoling and begging from her and some convincing from Casey, Elsa moves in for a few days to help out around the house. We’ll see how long this lasts given Doug seems pretty checked out of the marriage at this point.

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The peer group has really seemed to work wonders for Sam who is gaining knowledge and newfound confidence every day. The topic of this week’s peer group pushed Sam to get a bank account since usually, Elsa was the one who would handle his finances. He wants to manage his own money, and although Elsa isn’t on board initially, Doug decides to take him anyway.

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Casey and Evan face relationship issues in this episode after a lunch with her new friends goes completely wrong. In fact, Evan is disturbed and annoyed at how she behaves differently around them and is upset over her claiming ” but he’s actually really smart” after the technical college conversation. I’d have to agree with Evan here because Clayton Prep Casey just isn’t the same as Newton Casey.

Atypical has a way of toying with our emotions and just when we think perhaps the Gardner family may figure out this hot mess they are in–things go to crap. Elsa seems to be getting comfortable being home, and almost mistakes Doug’s invitation to stay there as a way to fix their marriage. However, he just wants her to be there for the kids until they graduate, but as far as the two of them are concerned, they are just roommates.

It’s a bit heartbreaking to see this moment unfold although Elsa totally has it coming. Some people can’t get over infidelity and it seems like this is the end of the road for their marriage. It’s time to move on, Elsa–because Doug just might be.

Sam finds himself the target of some bullies in this episode after unknowingly donating money to a party that a guy named Arlo was throwing. However, after Sam told Elsa about the party she gave Arlo’s mom a call only to reveal that this party was supposed to be a secret.

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Poor Sam, he was pushed down and his phone stomped on as a result, but he seems to have found a new friend from the whole debacle. While the day was pretty awful for everyone else including Sam, he found some happiness in watching the penguin’s eggs go from pipping to hatching–despite losing $700.