Ozark season 2, episode 4 recap: ‘Stag’


Agent Petty gives us the creeps and chills but is the primary focus of this episode of Ozark–did we mention he’s creepy?

Ozark has really given us a character to despise this season, and while he wasn’t exactly a fan favorite in the first season, Agent Petty makes us cringe like no other in this second season. The episode opens up to him doing his usual routine, a.k.a. creepily listening to everyone on the wiretap.

He listens to Rachel’s conversations from the episode before and then proceeds to listen to Russ’s old as he jerks himself off. Yup, this actually happened. Perhaps even more strange is that he refuses to listen to these conversations on his headphones and has pissed off other hotel guests in the process.

Petty is pretty much losing it in this episode as he continues to drug up Rachel, makes her wear the wire all the time, and then tells her to sleep with Marty because that will be the best way for her to get information. Ok, dude, OK.

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But Rachel isn’t so easily pushed around and ends up sleeping with a random guy at the bar and has sex with him in the bathroom all while asking him to let her call him Marty. Rachel’s loyalties are a bit skewed right now, but Wendy is definitely onto her. So much so that she makes herself and Marty walk away from a potential bribing situation which didn’t feel right to her.

Charlotte is quite suspicious of Rachel too and tells Wendy she will keep an eye on her during her shifts at the Blue Cat. Sorry, Rachel looks like your days are numbered. At some point, Marty backs Rachel into a corner and she all but outs Petty when she tells Marty to keep an eye out on that guy that roams the bar.

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Naturally, Petty is pissed and takes out his rage on Rachel for putting him in a difficult situation after he spent the last two years trying to crack the Byrdes. Petty is gearing up to be the biggest asshole this show has seen, and that is saying something considering the Snells are still around.

Poor Wyatt is really struggling over the mystery of his father’s death and ends up having conversations with him even though he isn’t actually there. He has no idea his cousin is the one to blame, but of course, this secret is bound to come forward at some point before the end of the season.

Ruth is Wyatt’s biggest advocate, and when Wyatt returns home from a meeting with his counselor, Ruth learns he is told to apply to technical college. Furious, she pays a visit to the counselor who gets a nice smack across the face when she starts harping on Wyatt and his inability to do well for himself.

It pains us to see this happening, but it appears Buddy is inching closer and closer to his final days on Ozark and this has united the Byrde family in a strange way. Jonah and Wendy read to him, while Marty offers to shave his beard.

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And as far as sentimental things go, that was the end of it because, by the episode’s end, the FBI comes rushing into the Byrde home to raid it. Going through all their belongings with a smug Petty overlooking it all, it’s quite the stressful moment for all involved.

So, now what?