Ozark season 2, episode 6 recap: ‘Outer Darkness’


Ozark bids farewell to one of its own while the heat builds up in the season’s best episode yet.

Ozark gave us its best episode of the season with so much unfolding at once, it was wonderfully overwhelming. After lighting the Snells’ opium fields on fire, Buddy and Wendy make their smooth escape. However, things took a very drastic turn when mid-conversation Buddy passes away. Perhaps his last adventure was a bit too much for him, but whatever the case is, he will be sorely missed.

Laura Linney does a fabulous job in this scene as she has to have Wendy channel multiple emotions within seconds. One minute she is talking about making the move to Australia one day, and the second she realizes Buddy is dead and now she must face the reality of what comes next.

The Byrdes all deal with Buddy’s death in different ways, with Jonah taking it the hardest after the friendship the two of them had formed. The funeral service was oddly beautiful as Wendy and Jonah both gave eulogies commemorating Buddy’s life and their relationship with him.

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There isn’t much time to process Buddy’s death as the FBI is turning up the heat on the investigation. As expected, they showed up at the Snell farm only to find the fields burned to a crisp. And while most of the opium may have been destroyed, the search dogs dug up remains within the field. Our guess? People the Snells have murdered over the years.

Of course, Marty, Wendy, and Helen are concerned about the remains as they remain in the dark about who they belong to. Could it be anyone that ties back to them? Perhaps–Grace or Del? Obviously, this would certainly spell disaster for all Ozark parties involved.

Wendy even heeds a warning to Mason asking him to stop inquiring about Grace which only backfires when his son, Zeke is taken away from him after someone reports him as an unfit parent. Ugh, seriously? This is a hot, hot mess.

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Based on a random comment Jacob made about his ancestors, Marty derives a plan to swap out the bones from the Snell property with that of Jacob’s old relatives along with bribing the medical examiner to make it all work. This sounds like a far-fetched plan and unlikely to succeed, but succeed it does, giving the Byrdes and the Snells another day of freedom.

Poor Ruth is still reeling from the aftermath of the cartel torture she had to endure and spends most of this episode in isolation from everyone. She blames Petty for it (and we do too), and confides to Rachel about something Rachel knows all too well about herself.

To make matters worse, when Jonah gets in trouble at school, Wyatt comes to his rescue and ends up expelled while Jonah simply gets suspended. The stark difference in punishments is just ridiculous but probably a frustrating reality that many face.

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Petty gets what’s coming for him in this episode when Rachel refuses to cooperate with him any longer and the investigation goes kapoot due to the expert meddling of the Byrdes. He can’t even seem to take Wilkes down who backs Petty into a corner with proof of all the shady things Petty has done since coming to the Ozarks. Wilkes says he will cut a deal to out Marty but only if he and Wendy are protected.

Rachel and Marty have an interesting moment before the episode ends as in a moment of passion the two share a kiss. And it certainly seems like it is going to escalate to the next step, but the two pull away before it does but not before Rachel reveals she has been wearing a wire this whole time.

So, now what?