Wynonna Earp season 3, episode 8 recap: ‘Waiting Forever for You’


On last week’s Wynonna Earp, Nicole officially became sheriff, Mama Earp left to search for Waverly’s father, the angel Julian, and Wynonna banned Doc from her house after learning he’d become a vampire.

At the start of this week’s Wynonna Earp, “Waiting Forever for You,” Wynonna and Jeremy are bonding over pool at Doc’s bar. Wynonna awkwardly avoids revealing Doc’s undead status and then awkwardly avoids Charlie, who she ghosted.

Having none of it, Jeremy points Wynonna out to Charlie. Meanwhile, Wynonna gives Jeremy Bulshar’s ring for safe-keeping before Charlie makes his way over. Charlie and Wynonna makeup and agree to go to dinner.

Elsewhere in Purgatory, Bulshar is making a move. He resurrects his charred wife, Constance Clootie, and instructs her to fetch something for him.

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Meanwhile, Doc goes to find Kate. Kate has kidnapped a man for dinner, but Doc refuses the offering. He always hunts for himself. He storms out, so Kate eats on her own.

Unfortunately, when a bloodlusty Doc goes hunting in the woods, the person he finds is Jeremy’s new main squeeze, Robin. Jeremy is on the phone inviting Robin on a double date with Waverly and Nicole. As they talk, Jeremy stows Bulshar’s ring in a safe. Then, Doc attacks a screaming Robin.

Realizing what he did, Doc brings an injured but alive Robin to Jeremy. Jeremy realizes Doc is a vampire. He has harsh words for Doc and Doc leaves.

At the same time, Wynonna and Charlie have gone to dinner at Purgatory’s finest restaurant — it has bread sticks and knives that look like swords! It’s going well so far, but they’re interrupted by Jeremy. He tells Wynonna what happened to Robin.

Wynonna decides dinner will have to wait. Instead, a staking must occur.

While Charlie traps Doc at his bar with a rope soaked in holy water, Wynonna goes to see Kate. Before she can shoot Kate, though, Kate insists Doc is responsible for turning her into a vampire and convinces Wynonna to hear her story.

Kate’s family moved to the new world for freedom but her parents quickly died. She was supposed to return to Hungary but she didn’t want to because of her ability to read tarot cards gave her knowledge of what would happen there. One day, she refused to read a man’s cards and Doc came to her defense when the man got aggressive.

At the bar, Charlie and Doc verbally spar until the resurrected Widow Clootie makes her grand entrance.  She isn’t looking good and Charlie is freaked.

Of course, Doc can’t go after her because he’s trapped, so she menaces Charlie. Charlie panics as Constance searches for something. When she doesn’t find it, she starts to walk out. Charlie stops her and sets Doc loose. Doc punches her in the heart, causing her to collapse.

With Constance subdued, they call Wynonna. However, Wynonna’s still talking to Kate and doesn’t pick up. Instead, Kate resumes her story.

Doc and Kate go from city to city together and Kate quickly falls in love. But Doc is already sick and Kate is considering returning to Hungary. Wynonna calls her out on the revisionist history — Kate left Doc when he was sick. Not cool.

At the double date at the Homestead, Jeremy nervously waits for news from Wynonna and Robin helps Waverly cook. Everything seems perfectly normal at first. Then, Robin wonders what a potato feels like in the ground. Waverly realizes Robin’s tapped in to Bulshar’s wavelength. He can hear what Bulshar is telling the trees to do.

Waverly goes to tell Nicole and Jeremy. Nicole is dishing out bread when Jeremy notices a ring. As Nicole kneels to get it, Waverly comes in and gets the completely wrong idea. Nicole corrects her — it’s not a proposal, it’s Bulshar’s ring. How did it get there?

While Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy discuss all the recent developments, including Doc’s being a vampire and biting Robin, they hear Robin leave.

They go after him and track him to the barn. He’s stripped off his shirt and shoes and is making himself bleed and mumbling. He says they need to keep fertilizing the soil and it’ll all be over soon. Yikes!

Elsewhere, without Wynonna to help, Doc and Charlie take the resurrected but still unconscious Constance to the well. As they discuss things, she awakens in Doc’s trunk and steals his car, which he’s apparently named Charlene.

Constance drives to Kate’s place where Wynonna and Kate are circling each other with knives. When Constance walks in, however, they decide they can be on the same team for a while. When Constance doesn’t find what she wants, though, she leaves again.

At the same time, Doc and Charlie are in hot pursuit of Constance, but they’re on foot, so it’s not exactly going quickly. Besides Doc is weak from lack of blood. Charlie points out the problem and Doc lunges at him, but Charlie fends him off. Then, Doc lets Charlie knock him unconscious so he doesn’t hurt anyone.

In the barn at the Homestead, Waverly, Nicole, and Jeremy are trying to figure out what to do about Robin. Jeremy questions Robin who says that someone, Bulshar perhaps, is close now, whatever that means.

Finally, Robin snaps out of it and realizes where he is. He confesses he heard the tree roots whispering. Bulshar’s making them do his bidding, even though they don’t want to. They’re interrupted by Constance, who is still searching for whatever it is Bulshar needed her to fetch.

Waverly and Nicole try to fight her but are quickly outmatched. Bulshar’s ring starts glowing and burns Nicole. Waverly gets ahold of it but it doesn’t hurt her. She puts it on and it seems to super-charge her. Constance comes after her but Waverly easily pushes her away.

Constance quickly shuffles out with three tarot cards she found in Doc’s stuff. Wynonna returns to the Homestead with Kate who reveals that the cards were Bulshar’s — he was the client she refused to read the night she and Doc met, although at the time he was just Sheriff Clootie.

Clootie wanted Kate’s help to find something in the Ghost River Triangle  but when she saw his cards she refused to read his future. Wynonna and Kate go after Constance hoping they can retrieve the tarot cards before she gives them to Bulshar.

They don’t make it in time. Constance brings the cards to Bulshar who finally reads his future. He’s pleased by what he sees and laughs maniacally.

When Wynonna and Kate finally find Constance, Bulshar is nowhere to be found. Constance, however, wants to be free from Bulshar and everything else, so Wynonna uses Peacemaker to put her out of her misery.

Afterwards, Wynonna laments that Bulshar’s always one step ahead. Kate tells her he’s only a demon and Wynonna’s the best demon-hunter she’s seen in a long time. Wynonna thinks Kate’s buttering her up so she won’t kill her, but Kate tells her it wouldn’t help Doc anyway. The idea that a maker’s death will return a vampire to mortality is a myth.

Suddenly, Wynonna has an epiphany: her fate is linked to Bulshar’s so if Kate reads her tarot cards, it might give them an idea of what Bulshar saw in his.

Meanwhile, Charlie’s taken Doc back to the bar and procured blood for him from a buddy who’s a paramedic. Say what you want about Charlie, but that was a stand-up thing for him to do.

Charlie and Doc discuss Wynonna. Charlie confesses he likes her, but Doc tells him Charlie will never know her like he does. Charlie counters that Wynonna hunts things like him, but Doc says that she’ll come to understand.

At the Homestead, Waverly has learned she can’t take off Bulshar’s ring no matter what she tries. Then, Jeremy notices something. A symbol has appeared on the ring, since Waverly put it on.

He goes into research mode as Wynonna comes in bursting with the news of what Kate found in her tarot cards. The last card representing Wynonna’s future is of Adam and Eve — in other words, Paradise, which is also the Arabic word newly engraved on Bulshar’s ring.

That’s what Bulshar’s after, the Garden of Eden. But Robin comes in at that moment to correct them — Bulshar’s not looking for the garden, he’s already found it.

Wynonna goes to visit Kate who’s waiting outside because Wynonna’s not comfortable inviting her in. Kate tells the end of her story. She left Doc hoping he’d chase her for once, but she came back when he didn’t.  By then he had made his immortality deal with Constance Clootie and she had stashed him down the well.

Kate knew he was still alive, so she became a vampire to continue her search for him. Instead, it was Wynonna who found and freed him.

Later, Doc finds Wynonna in the barn. Wynonna tells him she doesn’t like him as a vampire. He tells her he became one because he’s determined to be there for her for as long as she needs him and to continue to fight for Alice if Wynonna fails.

They agree to fight the Earp curse together. She explains that the Ghost River Triangle is protecting the Garden of Eden. Suddenly, Bulshar appears without warning. As the episode abruptly comes to an ends, he blows some white powder in their faces. Gah!

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This was a revelation-packed Wynonna Earp. Bulshar’s after the Garden of Eden of all things. I didn’t expect that!

After last week’s mostly one-off story, this was a great mythology building episode that has the potential to quickly propel us through the last few episodes of the season.

We’ll see how things develop on next week’s Wynonna Earp! In the interim, Earpers, share your thoughts on this episode in the comments, stream the third season so far on SyFy, and take a look at our recap for episode 7.