Wynonna Earp season 3, episode 7 recap: ‘I Fall to Pieces’


On last week’s Wynonna Earp, it was Christmas in Purgatory and Wynonna and a new officer from fire services, Charlie, rescued the kidnapped descendants of the town’s first families from Bulshar.

Of course, Bulshar got away, but at least Wynonna’s made a new love connection. That love connection seemed to be a result of her denial of her feelings for Doc. Doc didn’t handle the rejection especially well, either.

He went to his ex-wife and was turned into a vampire. On top of that, Michelle decided she wants to find Waverly’s father Julian and released Bobo from the well for information on what happened to him.

In less supernatural developments, Sheriff Nedley decided to retire and promoted Nicole to his position. And Jeremy discovered his prospective love interest, Robin, was kidnapped by Bulshar, meaning he didn’t ghost Jeremy after all. Once he was rescued, Robin made his feelings for Jeremy crystal clear.

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In this week’s episode of Wynonna Earp, “I Fall to Pieces,” Wynonna and Charlie are still getting it on in fire trucks.

However, their latest tryst is interrupted by a visit from Nicole, who’s making the rounds before she officially becomes Purgatory’s next sheriff with Waverly in tow.

On the plus side, at least Nicole and Waverly are there to give Wynonna a ride home, although not before Waverly casually observes that things between Doc and Wynonna must be over. Wynonna, ever in denial, claims she and Doc were never a thing anyway and she hasn’t seen him in a week.

Of course,  that’s because Doc’s been busy vamping it up with Kate. Bulshar’s ring now burns Doc, which has him pretty annoyed. But Kate is pleased with Doc’s change in status. As she tells him, they’re linked together forever.

At the station, Nedley shows Wynonna and Nicole his secret closet of all the cases he ever investigated with supernatural elements.

Meanwhile, Nedley and Nicole discuss her progress getting the city council’s thumbs up for her appointment as sheriff. Nicole’s having trouble with a specific council member, Bunny Loblaw, who apparently likes to throw her weight around.

Later, Nicole works on cleaning out Nedley’s supernatural closet while Wynonna hangs out. Wynonna comments that the whole thing is just a set up to make sure the two of them can work together.

None of it will help them stop Bulshar. Nicole admits Wynonna may be right, but Nicole still wants to do it just in case there’s anything that could help them take out Bulshar — to honor Dolls.

Spurred into action by the unfortunately timed name-drop, Wynonna starts unceremoniously throwing things out of the closet.

When Nicole tries to stop her, they start to fight over the artifact Wynonna is holding, a mirror, which Nicole inadvertently ends up breaking along with several other things. Mature.

Afterwards, Wynonna goes to Doc’s bar where Nedley is drinking. Wynonna complains about Nicole, but Nedley encourages her to go easy — Nicole and Wynonna have more in common than Wynonna thinks.

At her place, Nicole is preparing for the arrival of the problematic city councilwoman. Bunny lets herself in and things immediately go wrong.  Bunny won’t give up her coat and demands Nicole remove her cat from the area since she’s allergic. Also, Bunny is clearly a homophobe.

Nicole tries to make a reasonable case for becoming sheriff, but Bunny is after something specific: she wants to know what’s really been going on in Purgatory. Nedley always tells her it’s costume parties or escaped zoo animals, but she knows he’s lying. If Nicole wants to be sheriff, she’ll tell the truth.

Nicole starts to delicately explain the goings on in Purgatory when Wynonna barges in. Bunny is happy she’s there. She tells the pair she’s thinking she’s going to back Wynonna for sheriff. Wynonna and Nicole are shocked but Bunny’s serious. She thinks Wynonna is a straight-shooter and she’s from one of Purgatory’s original families.

Nicole excuses herself and Wynonna. When they’re safely in another room, they begin to fight. Wynonna has no interest in the sheriff job until Nicole tells her she’s unqualified, not just to be sheriff but really to manage anything.

As they argue a super-creepy gnome-looking revenant looks in the window and Bunny, who assumes the revenant was sent by ISIS, faints. When Wynonna and Nicole return, they find Bunny unconscious with Nicole’s cat on top of her.

Nicole looks for medication to help and once Bunny’s awake, she loads her into her cruiser to take her to the hospital. She sends Wynonna to fetch Bunny’s purse, but when Wynonna and Nicole start fighting again, a pair of frat guys takes advantage of their distraction and steal Nicole’s cruiser with Bunny in it.

Wynonna and Nicole take off after Bunny in Bunny’s car. At the station, Waverly and Jeremy track Nicole’s cruiser to a revenant roadhouse where Bunny is still trapped in the cruiser and hysterical. Wynonna and Nicole go into the bar to get the keys from the frat boys who stole the cruiser.

Meanwhile, Doc has snuck into the Earp’s barn but is caught by Michelle. Michelle wants to get out of there and she wants Doc to come with her, at shotgun-point if necessary.

Doc takes Michelle to Ward and Willa’s grave. Afterward, they talk by Doc’s car. Michelle talks about how she wanted to leave Purgatory when she was younger but ended up pregnant and married to Ward Earp instead.

She talks about being with Julian and how the night Waverly was born, Ward pushed Julian outside the Ghost River Triangle. Julian’s been gone ever since. Doc asks how Michelle knows that. Michelle admits Bobo told her, and she freed him.

Doc is flabbergasted at the news. He tells Michelle she shouldn’t make those kinds of decisions. Michelle asks who’ll stop her, and Doc says he will if necessary.

At the roadhouse, the revenants have tied up the frat guys and are trying to decide what to do with them. Wynonna tells the revenants if they let the frat guys go, they can have a  drinking contest. If Wynonna and Nicole win, they can go; If the revenants win, they can kill Wynonna and Nicole. Whoops, Wynonna didn’t think that one all the way through.

The frat guys are sent on their way with instructions to take Bunny to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jeremy and Waverly are going over everything that’s happened to Nicole. Jeremy points out that Nicole’s had a spectacular string of bad luck, too unlucky to be a coincidence.

They wonder if it’s the broken mirror’s fault. They figure they might as well put it back together. It can’t hurt and it might help.

At the roadhouse, the drinking contest is on and it’s not long until Wynonna’s won. Except that Wynonna has been cheating the whole time and is quickly found out. The revenants are about to attack, so Wynonna pulls Peacemaker on them and Wynonna and a very drunk Nicole scurry out of the bar.

They run into the woods still bickering, but when the revenants catch up to them the pair does a pretty good job taking them on together. Then just as they’re attempting to dispatch the last revenant, the gnome demon does it for them. Then he tells Nicole she owes him a wife. Hunh? And also, gah!

Nicole and Wynonna arrive at the station just as Waverly and Jeremy put the finishing touches on the mirror. Apparently, it doesn’t help in the luck department though because the demon is still coming after them.

Waverly has an epiphany, the mirror wasn’t the only thing that was broken. Wynonna and Nicole also broke a gnome lawn ornament. Waverly and Jeremy hurriedly put it back together while the demon menaces Wynonna and Nicole. The porcelain gnome is female and when the demon sees it intact again, he is thrilled. He stops attacking and instead walks out cuddling his gnome wife.

Elsewhere, Doc has gone to Kate’s place. He’s looking for something but what he’s found are her “mementos.,” trophies from all the people she killed. Kate gleans that Doc wants to help Wynonna and her jealousy rears its head. She points out that Wynonna will never want him now that he’s a vampire.

Doc says Wynonna believes he can be better but Kate tells him she loves him when he’s at his worst.

Doc takes the pistol and the other loot he’s scrapped together to Michelle who’s preparing to leave town to find Julian. She and Doc have a terse exchange and Doc tells Michelle that Wynonna may not forgive her for skipping town. But Michelle declares she won’t let a vampire lecture her on love. How does Michelle know Doc’s a vampire?

Meanwhile, a recovered Bunny goes to see Wynonna at the station. Bunny says she still won’t support Nicole for sheriff, so Wynonna goes to bat for her. Wynonna realizes that Bunny must have seen one of the revenants at the roadhouse, so she threatens to send it and all its friends to Bunny’s house unless she backs Nicole for sheriff. An unnerved Bunny agrees.

Nicole overhears what Wynonna did for her and they actually start to bond. It seems they have a truce.

Then Wynonna shows Nicole a picture she found of a young Nicole and Nedley. It turns out Nedley is the one who saved Nicole from the massacre by the Cult of Bulshar that happened when she was a child.

Nicole goes to talk to Nedley about it. Nedley tells her how he found her after the massacre, how he looked in on her after that, and how he couldn’t resist offering her a job when he found out she went to the police academy. She’s like a daughter to him. Nedley says he’ll always be there when she needs him and congratulates her on becoming sheriff.

Wynonna returns home to find Waverly crying. Michelle left a note telling her that she left to find Julian. Wynonna is circumspect about the news.

Wynonna goes outside to find Doc waiting. He gives her Bulshar’s ring and Wynonna asks him if he spent the day with her mother. Doc admits she basically treated him like her Uber. Wynonna shares a note with him that Michelle left specifically for her. It instructs her not to trust Doc.

Wynonna demands to know what Doc did but Doc instead tells her that Michelle set Bobo free. Wynonna won’t be deterred so Doc tells her he’s the same as he always was. Wynonna tells him he needs to talk to her like he cares about her so Doc points out she refused him. She slaps him. Doc protests that he does care about her but Wynonna slaps him again.

Doc starts to get angry. Wynonna again demands to know what he is and slaps him a third time, causing Doc to go all yellow-eyed vampire at her. Wynonna understands what her mother was talking about now and she knows Kate turned him.

She tearfully asks Doc if he considered them or their daughter. What would their daughter say if she knew her father sold his soul? Doc protests that sacrifices had to be made but Wynonna can’t believe he wanted immortality that badly. Wynonna banishes him from coming into her home and goes inside as the episode comes to a close.

Yikes. Well, Wynonna had to find out about Doc’s undead status sooner or later. But Doc’s also not wrong here. Wynonna rejected him. The whole Kate versus Wynonna thing is getting tedious. When it was Doc versus Dolls for Wynonna it made sense since Doc and Dolls were more or less two sides of the same coin. But Wynonna and Kate don’t really represent the same thing to Doc.

Plus, all the will they/won’t they between Doc and Wynonna with Wynonna seeming to want Doc one week and rejecting him the next seems to be a ploy by the writers to keep this plotline going, but it’s just making Wynonna come across as confusing and hypocritical. Hopefully, we’ll get a better resolution to this one soon.

It’s nice that Wynonna and Nicole finally reached a truce though. Their relationship has always been a bit all over the place, so it’ll be nice if it stays functional now and the show can get back to focusing on the central mystery of Bulshar.

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Despite the constant evocation of his name, Bulshar hasn’t been nearly as much of a threat this season as all the hype built him up to be. Maybe we’ll see some real Bulshar action next week.

See you then Earpers! While you’re waiting, take a look at our recap for episode 6, stream the first seven episodes of season 3 on Syfy, and share your thoughts on the latest Wynonna Earp developments in the comments.